Custom Design from Start to Finish

From a simple sketch to your own in-house design specifications, we are here to take your idea from thought to floor.

Start From Scratch

Whether you have a specific vision in mind – or you simply want to create a one–of–a–kind just for your space, our custom design team can create custom products to your specifications by enhancing our running line products or developing a product just for you. We will also help you address important technical considerations such as scale, texture and face–weight – so the finished product has all the same quality and performance you expect of a Patcraft floor.

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Customize Existing Styles

Customizing one of our existing styles is an easy way to balance the look you love with the scale, texture, size, color and even face-weight you require. Once you have selected a pattern you would like to modify, we will work with you to adjust color, play with scale and adapt size until your product is just right.

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Choose Your Colors

Incorporating custom colors into your flooring products can elevate brand identity, communicate a united story throughout your space, or complement other custom interior finishes. From our Color Matters Fiber Selector to personal support from our custom design team, Patcraft has got your color covered – whether you are creating original combinations using a running line pattern or your own custom product.

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When it comes to customizing colors and patterns, the options are limitless. Our Chroma color customization tool allows you to adjust colors and patterns first hand – so you can play with the possibilities, then download a PDF, order a CAD, or request a custom sample.

Customize Now

The Neverending Series

Great style never goes out of style. So when a classic look is dropped from our day-to-day running line, it does not mean you are out of luck. Our Neverending Series gives you continued access to styles that were once (but no longer) part of our running line. As long as yarn availability and construction type permit, these products are still available for low minimums and upcharges.

Take a look at our collection.

Modular Broadloom
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