Cradle to Cradle is the Theory
EcoWorx® Backing is the Practice

  1. Environmental Guarantee
  2. Energy Recovery
  3. Sample Recycling
  4. Transportation

If you love it, return it.

As a Shaw Industries company, we maintain chain of custody over our reclamations. So when you are through with our carpet, it comes back to us, not to a landfill. That’s the Shaw Environmental Guarantee. We’ll pick up 500 yards or more of Ecoworx backing free of charge. We use the technical nutrients from the old carpet to make new carpet. It’s more than reclamation. It’s an ecosystem.

Environmental Guarantee Guidelines

  • Continental U.S. and Canada Guarantee: Shaw will take back 500 yards or greater of EcoWorx material at no cost to you.
  • Alaska, Hawaii, other U.S. Territories and Mexico Guarantee: Shaw will take back 5,000 yards or greater of EcoWorx material at no cost to you and will assume the cost to transport the product to our recycling facilities.
  • International Guarantee: Shaw will take back 5,000 yards or greater of EcoWorx material from any international port at no cost to you. Shaw will pay for the transportation cost of EcoWorx material from any international port and will assume the cost to transport the product to our recycling facilities.

Material must meet the following requirements:

  • Free of all types of debris and uncontaminated by any toxic substances, such as solvents. Adhesive residue on the backing is acceptable
  • No other carpet tile backing, such as PVC, or other roll carpet backings may be mixed on EcoWorx pallets
  • EcoWorx Broadloom and Performance Broadloom products must be cut and rolled no longer than 3 feet wide For more information and to arrange for recycling of EcoWorx carpet products, call 800.509.SHAW.

Download Shaw Environmental Guarantee

Shaw leads the carpet industry in identifying alternative fuel sources to power its manufacturing and transportation systems. As Shaw pursues strategies to reduce its reliance on oil-based energy, it is establishing innovative alternatives such as Reclaim-to-Energy technology.

Reclaim-to-Energy turns reclaimed carpet and carpet waste into energy to power two of its carpet manufacturing facilities. The facility annually converts more than 76 million pounds of reclaimed carpet into steam and energy for the manufacturing site. Using post-consumer carpet as an energy source is one of Shaw's strategies to reduce its use of petroleum-based energy while increasing the company's use of alternative energy sources. In fact, Shaw is committed to using 10 percent alternative energy by 2017. Reclaim-to-Energy will deliver 90 percent of the facility’s energy – or 50 thousand pounds of steam per hour.

Shaw's first gasification, alternative fuel-to-energy facility, created in partnership with Siemens Building Technologies in 2005, was the first in the carpet industry. By replacing traditional oil boilers, Shaw is converting approximately 36 million pounds of pre-consumer carpet and wood manufacturing byproducts into steam energy. The waste streams are stored in two separate silos, mixed, and then sent to the gasifier. The waste is then turned into a synthetic gas, which powers a boiler that generates 50,000 pounds of steam per hour.


  • Improves plant emissions
  • Conserves natural resources
  • Diverts over 76 million pounds of carpet waste from landfills annually
  • Diverts approximately 6,000 tons of wood waste from landfills annually

Consider them loaners.

So what are you going to do with that stack of samples from Patcraft sitting in the corner of your office? Why not send it back? Patcraft's Sample Recycling Program reuses or recycles commercial carpet samples that you no longer need. So when you request a sample, we send it out to you, you use it spec your projects, then you can send it back to us at no charge. Returning the samples you are no longer using will decrease the amount of sample waste that is sent to landfills and reduce the need for new raw material. The returned swatches will be returned to inventory for reuse or be recycled, reducing the environmental footprint-both yours and ours.

To participate in Patcraft Sample Recycling Program, please call 800-381-8160 or contact your local sales representative. We will send you a small supply of recycling bags that will hold up to 30 pounds of material each with prepaid postage.

With one of the largest private trucking fleets in the U.S., we are participating in the EPA's SmartWays Transport Partner Program, a voluntary collaboration between the EPA and members of the freight industry. The program centers on increased transportation efficiency while reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution. Through this program, Shaw will document the 72 million miles its fleet travels annually and analyze the results with the EPA. Participation in SmartWay shows our commitment to reducing emissions.

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