LokDots™ — Easy Tile Installation (Almost) Anywhere

Perfectly designed for occupied space and high moisture installation, LokDots™ is great for installers, end-users, the environment — and you.

Introducing Your New Tile
Installation Partner

Meet LokDots™, a pressure-sensitive adhesive that will make your next carpet tile installation easier than ever. Perfectly designed for occupied space installation, LokDots™ is an odorless system that virtually eliminates VOC emissions and reduces the amount of required adhesive materials by 97%. It’s also CRI Green Label Plus and Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified®, making it great for installers, end-users, the environment — and you.

LokDots™ is also ideal for installing EcoWorx® carpet tile in high moisture environments. Product can be installed at 12pH, up to 10 pounds and 95% humidity — saving on remediation and facilitating installation even in challenging conditions. In fact, LokDots™ can also be installed over any substrate, including concrete, VCT, VAT, cutback, wood and more.

Installed using an ergonomically designed hand-held applicator, LokDots™ are lightweight and simple to use — even for the most complicated installations. And with more than 70,000 yards of product installed with LokDots™ and counting, you can be sure it works.

LokDotsTM Spec Sheet
LokDotsTM Warranty
How It Works
LokDotsTM Installation Guide

Installing with LokDots

  1. Load applicator with a roll of LokDots.
  2. Pull applicator across the back of an EcoWorx carpet tile
    (3 dots/corner & 3 dots in the center).
  3. Install.
LokDots Installation Brochure