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By nature, children are very visual. Carpet their surroundings with care. Through color, pattern, texture and scale, carpet helps build a fresh and inviting environment that promotes engaged learning and student success across all age groups and levels.

In any education installation, carpet adds an element of design so you can accentuate school colors, support way-finding, define spaces and hide soil in high traffic areas. It’s a win-win performance.

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Featured Installations
  • University of Montana Western - Dillon, MT

    Products Used: Visual Energy

  • University of Montana Western - Dillon, MT

    Products Used: Cashmere

  • University of Montana Western - Dillon, MT

    Products Used: Walk Right In

  • University of Montana Western - Dillon, MT

    Products Used: Experience

Carpet offers a more comfortable place to teach and learn. Keeping eyes and ears focused on the lesson is a daily task that all teachers face. Carpet plays an important role in reducing glare in the classroom, absorbing sounds, lessening noise levels 24 – 40% compared to hard surface flooring, and by retaining inside ambient temperatures longer, can help increase the room temperature providing thermal comfort. Comfort doesn’t stop there. Carpet also provides a soft, cushioned surface, extending the learning environment to the floor, reducing leg and foot fatigue for teachers and staff and lessening the likelihood of injury if a fall occurs.

Appearance retention. Soil hiding. Acoustics. Comfort under foot. With Patcraft, your choices do not stop at color, pattern and scale. They go even deeper into the very make-up of the product. Whether it is 1500 little feet moving down the hall to the cafeteria each day or one teacher working her way from desk to desk in the classroom to help every student with their ABC’s and 123’s, we offer products that can withstand the toughest performance criteria. School administrators and facility managers can take comfort in the fact that our carpet is designed to maintain its appearance and provide a comfortable environment conducive to learning even in the toughest environments.

According to the Carpet and Rug Institute’s Texture Appearance Retention Ratings (TARR), carpet is tested and rated moderate, heavy or severe depending on its ability to withstand extensive wear. We use these ratings as indicators to ensure that our carpet is constructed for optimum performance within specific applications.

With proper installation, the use of walk off tiles in entry ways and recommended maintenance, Patcraft carpet will maintain its appearance for years and years. Which reduces the frequency of replacement. Which saves money. Which makes schools look good for the long-term.

Everyone loves the look of new carpet but without the proper maintenance plan, your new carpet might not look new for long. Patcraft helps you maintain the appearance and extend the performance of your carpet by recommending a proper, low-cost maintenance program that outlines steps you can take daily, monthly and yearly to ensure your carpet looks new for years to come. Just in case you are still not convinced, our products are covered by a warranty that protects your installation against stains, edge ravel, zippering or delamination for the life of the installation. No doubt our products are built for the lives being lived on them.

If we had a school color it would be green. Carpet manufactured with Ecoworx backing system and Eco Solution Q or Solution Q Extreme nylon are completely cradle to cradle. And carpet that is cradle to cradle can be made into new carpet over and over again, reducing the amount of raw materials used in the manufacturing process and preventing landfilling. What’s good for generations of carpet is good for generations of people.

Rule of reclamation…If You Love It, Return It. As part of Shaw, we maintain chain of custody over our products which means when you are through with your carpet, it comes back to us—never to a landfill. That’s the Shaw Environmental Guarantee. We use the technical nutrients from the old carpet to make the new. Kind of like an ecosystem for your floors. Click here to find out more about the environmental guarantee.

The U.S. Green Building Council's LEED for Schools certification program reinforces the importance of clean air, natural light and high-quality acoustics to the ideal physical learning environment. LEED for Schools promotes the building of green schools while focusing on the unique aspect of children’s health issues and learning environments.

Patcraft carpet contributes toward LEED for Schools certification in the following areas:

MR Credit 2 – Construction Waste Management

Carpet with recyclable Eco Solution Q nylon and EcoWorx backing pulled from a site contributes to this credit. Shaw will also help facilitate recycling efforts of other carpet products. The Carpet America Recovery Effort named Shaw its 2007 Large Recycler of the year.

MR Credit 4 – Recycled Content (post consumer + ½ pre-consumer)

Completely recyclable EcoWorx tile backing contains 40% pre-consumer content and EcoWorx Performance Broadloom contains 20% post-consumer recycled content. Eco Solution Q nylon fiber has an additional 25% pre-consumer content.

MR Credit 5 – Regional Materials

IEQ Prerequisite 3 – Minimum Acoustical Performance

IEQ Credit 9 – Enhanced Acoustical Performance

Carpet enhances classroom acoustics by dampening background noise and reducing Reverberation Time. Carpet, fabric-faced wall panels and acoustical ceiling tiles contribute toward this credit.

IEQ Credit 3.1/3.2 – Construction IAQ Management Plan

Our products are CRI Green Label Plus certified which is a prerequisite for this point.

IEQ Credit 4.1 – Adhesives and Sealants

IEQ Credit 4.3 – Flooring Systems