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Designed to expand your design options and retain appearance for years to come, Eco Solution Q high-performance fiber has one of the largest DPR (Denier Per Filament) in the industry at 24, as well as the strongest tensile strength and withstands aggressive cleaning ensuring your carpet will look great for years to come.

Backed by a lifetime stain, colorfastness to light, static and abrasive wear warranties, Eco Solution Q is available in over 200 brilliant colors - from bright saturated colors to a full spectrum of neutrals - giving you endless color options for products that are easy on the eyes and easy on the conscience.

Eco Solution Q contains 45% recycled content including 20% post consumer, contributes to LEED Green Building Rating System™ and facilitates Shaw to take responsibility of its product over the entire life of the product. Eco Solution Q® is a Cradle to Cradle Certified product, qualifying it for additional Innovation in Design points through LEED.

Eco Solution Q Nylon Warranty

Eco Solution Q Solution Dyed Nylon Warranty

A lot of people talk about carpet performance. Walking the walk is more our style. Because we know that maintaining the look of your carpet in extreme use environments is important to you, we are pleased to offer our next great Solution. Solution Q Extreme high-performance cradle-to-cradle type 6, nylon is designed to perform in tough environments. Solution Q Extreme shifts the conversation from polymer to polarity. Because the polarity of Solution Q Extreme is negatively charged, this cationic fiber repels negatively charged acid-based stains at the molecular level and passes the GSA Test of Permanent Stain Resistance. What does that mean to you? No more maintenance worries because acid-based stains remove with water only. So while Solution Q Extreme can handle tough detergent cleaners, water is all you need to keep your carpet clean from the most common stains.

Download Solution Q Extreme Warranty

Solution Q Extreme is backed by a lifetime stain, colorfastness, light, static & abrasive wear warranty. It is recommended for application in environments with frequent spills and exposure to harsh chemicals where ease of maintenance is important.

Patcraft is capable of producing fiber in a wide range of sizes and shapes. The engineered and modified trilobal fiber cross-section of Eco Solution Q and Solution Q Extreme was chosen in order to maximize both performance and styling.

Combined with other fiber characteristics, this cross section reduces the visibility of dirt until cleaning can take place, providing an advantage over other fibers that do not hide soiling as well. Our fibers are the industry leaders in optimizing denier per filament (DPF), which means that the filaments hold up better to wear from walking, roller traffic and other stresses. The larger DPF leads to better performance in the hexapod test. They also lead in tensile strength, the force that the fiber can withstand before breaking, contributing to a stronger carpet with superior wear resistance.

While fiber type contributes to the performance characteristics of a carpet, performance is not defined by fiber type alone. Performance is best measured by examining installed carpet, which accounts for how the product is manufactured. The advanced manufacturing methods in place at Shaw ensure that only high quality and durable products are shipped to its customers. Seven factors influence an installed carpet’s performance and appearance retention: fiber properties, yarn construction, carpet construction, color and pattern collectively, backing construction, installation quality and proper maintenance. Shaw manages the first five characteristics and provides standards for installation quality and proper maintenance.

Patcraft is committed to cradle-to-cradle design, whereby products are intentionally designed to be deconstructed and reused to make the same product, again and again. Eco Solution Q and Solution Q Extreme are nylon 6 fiber types, which means that they can be broken down into caprolactam monomer, the building block for new nylon. Closed loop recycling of nylon 6 is more cost effective than other commercial fibers, making it the only cradle-to-cradle fiber presently available. Shaw collects post consumer carpet through a national recycling network and delivers it to the Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility in Augusta, GA, where the carpet is deconstructed and caprolactam is recovered. The capabilities of Evergreen are unique to Shaw and allow the company to recycle 100 million pounds of carpet each year, keeping post consumer carpet, or raw materials, from entering the landfill.

The recycling advantage of nylon 6, combined with performance and aesthetics without compromise, makes it the fiber of choice for the design community and end users. Because more and more fiber is being recovered and repolymerized, Shaw is actively preparing to increase the amount of recycled material used in Eco Solution Q with the addition of post consumer content.

Evergreen Carpet Recycling Video

Watch how nylon is recycled at our Evergreen Nylon Recycling Facility.

As a part of Shaw Industries, Inc., the world’s largest carpet manufacturer, Patcraft leverages its considerable infrastructure and capital resources to produce a fiber that meets the needs of today’s corporate office, healthcare, education and retail environments. Shaw is vertically integrated, allowing it to control nylon polymerization, fiber extrusion, production and cost of its products, without sacrificing performance and style. Through its acquisitions of the fiber divisions of AMOCO, Honeywell and BASF, Shaw can produce over 1.1 billion pounds of fiber for its overall business, making it the largest carpet fiber manufacturer in the world. Since 2005, more than 85 percent of the total yards of carpet produced by Patcraft were constructed with Eco Solution Q nylon. Shaw embraces continual innovation in its manufacturing through significant investments to increase the quality and capacity of its carpet and fiber producing capabilities.

The leaders within Shaw’s fiber division are veterans of the fiber industry, averaging over 17 years experience in carpet and fiber research and development. This group’s fiber science experts include Ph.D.s in polymer and textile chemistry, chemical engineers and Six Sigma experts. Shaw utilizes over 40 fiber and fiber production patents related to producing its fiber and yarns. Vertical integration, capital investment and expert leadership give Eco Solution Q a competitive advantage.