Products rendered in these scenes may not be an exact representation of actual flooring.
Urban Artifacts Ultraloc® Pattern#I0136
Product Photography Interactive Room Scenes
300 yard minimum, potential pricing variance
  • Ice Delivery 36108
  • Cobblestone 36109
  • Gas Lights 36207
  • Street Cars 36300
  • Manual Elevator 36306
  • Trolley 36401
  • Clock Tower 36402
  • Horse & Buggy 36511
  • Mounted Police 36512
  • Subway Tokens 36700
  • Town Crier 36704
  • Gargoyles 36710
  • Hitching Posts 36803
  • Urban Artifacts Ultraloc® Pattern I0136
  • Cobblestone 36109
  • Multi-Level Pattern Cut/Loop
  • Broadloom
  • Eco Solution Q® Nylon
  • Ultraloc®
  • 100% Solution Dyed
  • 44 Oz.
  • Lifetime Commercial Limited
  • Never Ending Series
Urban Legends Ultraloc® Pattern I0128
Curator Ultraloc® Pattern I0145
Element Modular I0150
Ellipse Modular I0152
Moderne Ultraloc® Pattern I0155
Avant Garde Ultraloc® Pattern I0156
Concept Modular I0158
Render Modular I0159
Philosophy Modular I0160
Perception Modular I0163
Conduct Ultraloc® Pattern I0265
Arrange Ultraloc® Pattern I0266
Compose Ultraloc® Pattern I0267

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