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Every transaction is personal. The goods and services we select are an extension of our needs, wants, dreams and desires. Whether it’s the shoes we wear, the food we eat or the leisure activities we engage in, our experiences within retail spaces matter.

Flooring is the foundation of any built environment. It can transform experiences and provides comfort and support. We create high performance flooring options in modular, resilient and broadloom because we know that when it comes to creating great retail experiences, flooring matters.

Featured Installations
  • Museum of the Rockies Gift Shop - Bozeman, MT

    Firm: Catter Enterprises

    Products Used: Intrinsic

  • Museum of the Rockies Gift Shop - Bozeman, MT

    Firm: Catter Enterprises

    Products Used: Intrinsic

Turn-key Services include professional flooring consultation, project estimating, installation, forecasting and stocking programs and management reporting

LokDots® is an odorless, non-toxic adhesive designed for the installation of carpet tile in occupied spaces. It’s ideal for high moisture areas and raised access flooring

We offer lifetime warranties against edge ravel, delamination and zippering on 90% of our products

Our Eco Solution Q® and Solution Q® Extreme fibers are made of long lasting, colorfast fully recyclable nylon 6 that withstands wear and retains appearance

Maintenance & Cleaning Tool (M.A.C.) provides a free online training program that helps maintain your flooring

EcoWorx® tile is the industry’s first sustainable, non-PVC tile backing engineered to add a layer of strength and durability

EcoWorx Performance Broadloom® provides a powerful moisture barrier that protects subfloors fro liquid contaminants

Our resilient flooring is constructed with high-performance raw materials that maximize comfort, strength and stability while reducing moisture and noise levels

To develop a comprehensive maintenance program obtain a floor plan of your building. Floor plans can be used to streamline the maintenance plan, identify high soil areas, anticipate the cost of labor and equipment and effectively communicate maintenance needs with staff members. The floor plan can also be used in forecasting and mapping traffic areas so it is easy to identify cleaning frequency and where walk-off tiles should be placed in the facility.

The maintenance plan should include:

Preventative Maintenance:

  • Keep outside areas clean: Removing soil from the outside of the building will prevent it from coming inside. Clean sidewalks and entry-ways of debris and dirt
  • Use walk-off tiles at entrances: To help trap dirt and moisture use a coarse texture tile with a water absorbent tile at entrances, elevators, corridors, break areas, stairways and in transition areas where the carpet meets a hard surface. This will help trap dirt and moisture.

Develop A Maintenance Schedule:

  • Identify Traffic Patterns: Traffic patterns will vary among the different areas of a building. Generally offices and class rooms will have moderate traffic, while hallways, entry-ways and work rooms will have heavy traffic.
  • Implement Plan: After the traffic patterns have been identified, the frequency of cleaning will be simple to identify.

Cleaning Guidelines

This chart represents a general guideline; your program should be customized to your specific conditions.

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