Resilient Solutions
for Every Space

Engineered for high-traffic, high demand applications in healthcare, retail, educational and other end use environments, Patcraft resilient products feature high performance finishes for durability and are easy to maintain.

The Right Products for the Right Places

Determining the right type of resilient product for the right area of your facility is a critical step in selecting the best-performing product for your environment. Use the category links to view recommended usage information.

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Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Patcraft resilient products can cost up to half as much as typical VCT (or other competitive products requiring polish) over the life of the floor. To compare Patcraft resilient with the life cycle cost of other products, enter the installed and/or maintenance prices in the cost calculator.


Resilient Installation

Making the most of your Patcraft resilient flooring starts with proper installation. In addition to working with a qualified installer, our guidelines can help you understand key tactics for ensuring the correct installation of your resilient floor.

Resilient Adhesives

Choose the right adhesive for your resilient installation based on the installation environment and product usage.

Resilient Maintenance Matters.

Following a clear schedule for routine cleaning and maintenance, including preventive maintenance, routine maintenance and spot/spill removal will extend the appearance and performance of your Patcraft resilient floor.

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