Dichroic by Patcraft


Dichroic represents our newest product platform, a non-woven composite flooring. This hybrid of soft and hard surface has a felt visual and the durability of a hard surface. It is a unique product that combines shape and color to create multiple options when designing for your environment. 

Merging tones and shifting shapes create sweeping gradations within the design. Dichroic mimics the effect of glass transparency by featuring two different shapes that play with optical perceptions using a series of solid gradients. This creates a pattern that transitions from color to color offering a textural shift in gradation, creating an ombre effect.  

"Our Best of NeoCon collection, Dichroic, combines shape and subtle color shift for design flexibility. Dichroic features an ombre effect that can shift and evolve in various ways depending on a range of installation choices," says Shannon Cochran, vice president of creative and design for Patcraft.

Available in 14 colorways, 24" x 24" tile and facet shape, Dichroic is Cradle to Cradle Bronze certified and carries a Declare Label.

Dichroic is produced from plastic waste. Using recycled plastic bottles which have been turned into PET fiber, Dichroic has approximately 70% recycled content (both post-consumer and post-industrial) which is equivalent to 18 (0.5L) bottles in each 24” x 24” tile of Dichroic.

And not only are we helping to keep both the desirable, clear PET as well as the often undesirable color PET out of landfills and into a flooring product, but we are able to manufacture Dichroic in a carbon neutral facility. As with any of our other EcoWorx backed products, we will also take back Dichroic at the end of it’s useful life and grind down for use in more PET and EcoWorx products.
Dichroic by Patcraft
Dichroic by Patcraft
Performs like a hard surface. Cleans like a soft surface.
The use of so much PET allows the product to withstand harsh environments including tough stains and spills. In fact, it receives similar scores to LVT on medical staining, and a perfect 10 on the red dye 40 test (AATCC175) without a topical treatment.

Dichroic is easily cleaned with the use of a pH neutral cleaner and hot water extraction. The following image shows a variety of common, staining agents which were removed using our recommended maintenance practice of a pH neutral carpet cleaner and hot water extraction.

For additional information about this collection, check out the product specifications.
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