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TCO_artwork-(1).jpgAt our core we are curious observers. Seekers and explorers. And, at times, unconscious observers – allowing ideas and notions to permeate our senses. We design through the mind’s eye, seeking the underlying connection. Embracing the ebb and flow of ideas that ultimately collide with an intrinsic human need. It is this cycle of authenticity that guides us through our process as we make broader connections with the world around us. We explore, listen, question, create and then we do it again. This is how we uncover what is at the root of design. Digging deeper to see what will rise to the top.

We’ve given this a lot of thought and, as Curious Observers, we design through the senses. We explore what we see and hear, and we combine our experiences to uncover new ideas and solutions. It’s like an artistic kit-of-parts. Our creative process is based on simple acts – observing, listening, questioning – practices that ultimately lead us to the fun part of creating.

“We started meeting as a team and talking about the process and what it meant for each of us. This theme of observation kept coming up – words like curiosity, seeking and exploring. The more we met, the more we realized this is who we are at our core – Curious Observers who are looking for the underlying connection or source for inspiration. We see this as an authentic cycle that is very connected to our process, transforming design as we engage with our surroundings.”
 Shannon Cochran, VP of Design
 Everyone on our team is passionate about something else within their personal creative processes and, when it comes to inspiration, this is really where the story begins. We all have different ways of observing and synthesizing those curiosities – a persona for your creative process. Some seek and gather insights. Others may be more hands on as a maker and explore with material and a medium. Depending on the day or the task at hand, individually we ebb and flow through different traits. Our observations and experiences shape how each of us sees design, but the heart of a product comes from both individual passions and combined perspectives – it’s a collaborative process. 

We are all curious observers, seeking ideas at the root to uncover deeper meaning. We explore, listen, question, create and then we do it all again. Each of us is drawn to something a little different that drives our creative process. 

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Learn more about our team as curious observers in our current Idea Book and on our next blog. 

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