Curious? What’s Your Type?



We are all curious observers, seeking ideas at the root to uncover deeper meaning. We explore, listen, question, create and then we do it all again. Each of us is drawn to something a little different that drives our creative process. 

At our core we are all curious observers. At times, we are unconscious observers- allowing ideas and notions to permeate our senses. Find out what type of curious observer you are by taking our quiz. Share what drives your curiousity with us on Instagram @patcraftfloors.


Aug-1-t-31,-2020-(11).jpgThe Creator

Who said you can’t reinvent the [potter’s] wheel? The creator is on an aesthetic journey to fabricate, originate, innovate. Inspired by the pursuit of artful invention, the creator imagines blue-sky solutions.

Brenda Knowles / The Creator 
"As a Creator, I observe in a thoughtful process that seeks innovation and solutions. I take in what is around me to invent new ways of solving obstacles."  

The Thinker 

To formulate observations, you let ideas percolate. Your design is creatively influenced by an ability to visualize, imagine, consider, ponder. The thinker is an artistic sage. 

Shannon Cochran / The Thinker
“Curious observation can change the way you look at the world and everything related to it, if you let it. Seeing things that others don’t to uncover what really drives, inspires or motivates.”

The InspirerAug-1-t-31,-2020-(9).jpg

To inspire is to transform. Imagining and envisioning unconventional beginnings, the inspirer leads by design. With ideas sparked by creative insight, you personify an artistic spirit. 

Chelsie St. James / The Inspirer
“Embracing creativity is an essential part of being a person.  Without a balance of art & science your lens, life & thinking are skewed. Creation is the fundamental process of how we find inspiration for our products, our sales & our life.”

The Inquirer

Inquisitive, inventive, intrigued. The inquirer seeks creative inspiration through artful exploration — questioning the possibilities. Yours is a process of thoughtful consideration, led by curiosity.

Elissa Moore/ The Inquirer
“Questioning can lead to new discoveries or ideas and is led by curiosity. Afterall, millions saw the apple fall, but only Newton asked the question why.”

The Seeker 

Seek and ye shall find. This is the philosophy of the seeker. With a clean canvas and an outlook that’s unhindered, you are continually on the quest to explore and uncover new sources of ideas. 

Amanda Hopkins/ The Seeker 
“I am a seeker for new inspiration. I crave getting out in the world and observing my surroundings. Exploring and finding the unexpected around me.” 

The Maker

Ready to craft, sculpt, build, form, the maker makes. A hands-on expression of talent and imagination, deconstructing and reconstructing elements and ideas. What was once apart is now whole, made by maker design. 

Kelly Williams/ The Maker 
“I look for inspiration everywhere. But I feel most inspired when I’m making things with my hands.”


Aug-1-t-31,-2020-(12).jpgThe Navigator

Heeding the call of creative expression, the navigator sets out on an artistically charted course. You are guided by intrinsic forces. Connected to a rise and fall of the tides of design. 

Tara Currier / The Navigator 
"Connecting with people and casting a wide net of relationships has always been a passion of mine. I am inspired by the power of collaboration and the ideas that can emerge when surrounding myself with people of different strengths and experiences. This mindset allows me to consider multiple implications of an idea and often grow it into something I had never originally considered."

The Connector

Drawn together by clever commonalities. Combining ideas for an artistic sum of parts. The connector sees, the connector links, the connector blends for creative synergy.

Jeff West/ The Connector 
“As a connector we explore experiences, ideas, and diversity of thought which allows us to connect and build on the many creative solutions around us.”

The Sensor

For the sensor the creative process is visceral. Tapping into all of the senses. Designing for what feels innate, the sensor puts trust in the mind’s eye to envision exactly where we will find ourselves transformed.

Ron Powell/ The Sensor 
“For me, creating is emotive – a mixture of feeling and creative vision that fuels my passion for forward-thinking, innovative design.”


The Alchemator

In the laboratory of ideas, sometimes you just need to mix it up. For the alchemator, there isn’t one approach to the creative process. Yours is an inspiration alloy that is both blended process and creative coalescence. 

Linnzi Rich/ The Alchemator 
“I don’t have a typical process. I often take bits and pieces of different ideas and put them together in new and intentional ways.”


Curious what your type is?  Take our quiz to find out. 

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