Bob Chandler Retires



I.V. Chandler took a leap of faith leaving his 20 year teaching career to open a manufacturing operation in 1945. What began as a bedspread company has ultimately transformed into an award-winning, multi faceted commercial flooring brand of Shaw Industries grounded in keeping a keen focus on customers, and treating employees as valued and appreciated team members. Even a fire which could have ended Chandler's business when he was building a new facility only solidified the admiration and appreciation for I.V., his vision and his people. Customers and friends alike came together to provide I.V. with financial assistance and personal support to get him back up and running.

The Chandler philosophy of treating everyone as family was carried through to the transition to I.V.'s son, Bob, who became President of Patcraft and ultimately purchased the company from his family in the mid 1980s. His keen focus on the importance of employee's well-being and customer satisfaction remained a top priority, and he continued to grow the Patcraft brand name in the market. In 1990, Bob sold Patcraft to Queen Carpet, and then in 1998, Shaw Industries purchased Queen Carpet. Through these acquisitions Bob continued to successfully lead Patcraft through these transitions. Even through hard decisions and changes, Bob's servant leadership kept Patcraft as a viable, and human-centric company, allowing the brand to maintain autonomy in the market. Countless employees have remarked on his humble nature, compassion, inspiring demeanor, and his constant desire to always be hungry and humble. 

In his 46 years working at Patcraft and Shaw Commercial, Bob has influenced the personal and professional lives of numerous individuals, and has left a true legacy for both Patcraft and Shaw Industries. 

Cheers Bob, and thanks for integrating such strong values and passion into all who had the privilege and honor to work with you through the years.