Idea Book



The purpose for making our Idea Books originated from the feedback that we received, in regard to customer’s needs for design inspiration. Looking at trends in color, pattern, finish and space design, the Idea Book includes product information, our inspiration, case studies and product photography aimed to kick-start the creative process for our customers. Cover to cover, our semi-annual Idea Books embody the Patcraft vision through our collections that inspire and transform our communities.

Screen-Shot-2019-11-11-at-2-52-51-PM.pngIdea Book, issue three, available as of Fall 2019,  shares our Inside Out approach to design. Inside- out design lets us create indoor spaces that mimic the outdoors in aesthetics, healthy materials, light, texture and flow. We think, create and experience and we do it all with a purpose. Our inner spaces reflect our outer desires - to solve problems, form ideas, connect and transform. Bring the outside in through texture, pattern and sustainable materials and you begin to think differently about design and the notion of sustainability itself. It's much bigger than the environment. It is also how we live, work, heal, learn and create. Inside- out products combine transparent materiality and inner beauty to engage our senses while enhacing our world. The third issue explores the inner beauty in our four sustainable collections, Organic Interruption, Dichroic, EcoSystem and Walk Forward.  It starts with transparency. Because we think you should know what's inside the product you source. How they're made. And how sustainable they really are. 

Idea Book, issue two exhibits all four of the products that were introduced at NeoCon 2019, manifesting the theme that  “imperfect is the process”. Deconstructed Felt, Metal Collective, Subtle Impressions, and Handloom are featured in our second issue, available as of Summer 2019. These collections each focus on their unique story and inspirations, exposing the raw elements and design purpose behind the creation of our products. The range of platforms and styles in this book attracts consumers of all tastes, from bright, rich color-seekers to neutral enthusiasts, the range of possibilities is accommodating for all. These color inspirations, coupled with minimal and modern room scenes, give designers the freedom to manipulate their particular space with their own ideas. 
Issue one, available as of Winter 2019, consists of seven of our collections including Artefact, Monochrome & Surface Tone, Digital Weave, Splitwood, Deconstructed Metal, Subtractive Layers, and Time Exposures. Intended to reflect the flexibility of our product line, this book displays the longevity of our older collections and how our newer collections pair nicely with them to build a similar feel within a space. Adding room scene photos into these books creates an effortless visual aid for consumers and designers, rather than only presenting our products in swatch or plank form. This first issue allows readers to experience our products further, with installation photos displayed in the LinkedIn headquarters in New York, New York, as well as Thiel & Thiel in Colleyville, Texas.