Inspired Connection



Our newest colorpoint collection, Inspired Connection, provides bold patterns with textural luxe to enhance our connections and enliven the spaces that surround us. Inspired Connection is a collection of all colorpoint construction, including four 18” x 36” modular styles and two broadloom styles. In 12 running line colors, the colorpoint construction is machine tufted to create precise details for a dimensional aesthetic in multi-level cut or loop patterns. 

Harmonious broadloom and carpet tile features small scale and abstract texture. Enliven broadloom and carpet tile is a mixture of large and medium size patterns. Influence carpet tile is a medium scale grid, ideal for color blocking, while Restored carpet tile is a multi-directional cross hatch pattern which is great for corridors. 

The inspiration behind Inspired Connection came from the importance of connectivity in creating a sense of belonging and wellbeing for people who experience a space, especially in senior living environments. In fact, we have seen an increase in our customer’s desire to move senior living design from traditional country club chic, to transitional, modern living which served as the initial idea for this collection.

With the inspiration in mind, designer Linnzi Rich and Director of Performance Segments Kieren Corcoran went on a nationwide listening tour to get feedback on the patterns and colors.

INSPIRED_CONNECTION_RS1_ENLIVEN_BL_530_RBL.jpg“As part of the design process we went around the country on a product listening tour where we connected with customers to get their insight and feedback on the collection. We were so inspired by these collaborative sessions,” said Linnzi Rich, product designer. 

Inspired by our human need for connection, we were curious how that translated visually- in patterns that evoke visceral feeling or color that connects you to a memory. Inspired Connection was created based on the input collected through this listening tour, and the use of yellow filter glasses that mimic a yellowing eye in order to understand how colors could be seen by the occupants of senior living spaces. 

While Inspired Connection is ideal for senior living spaces, it is also suitable for a variety of other environments, to transform space and experience through a sought after visuals and a timeless color palette.

Inspired Connection creates cohesive spaces with a sense of place that is akin to home.

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