Design Through the Mind’s Eye



Personalized Spaces Designed Through the Mind’s Eye

In the Senior Living Community, designers are faced with the challenge of creating an inviting yet unique space that feels like home to the residents.  A space that is new, less institutional and presents a sense of warmth, beauty and comfort while balancing the tendency to feel like a hotel or resort.  Senior Living communities are adapting to the redefinition of retirement.  One that constitutes more of a lifestyle change than just a place to seek higher medical care.

Communities, residents and families are requesting spaces that provide comfort, security and promote a continued sense of emotional wellness for the residents. New communities are including spas, fitness centers and business centers with many different social offerings and activities facilitating lifestyles full of connection and social interaction.

So, what if taking these needs into account, we could design through the mind’s eye?  Pulling from the senses to inspire new visions.  Designers could leverage this opportunity to customize each space creating an emotional connection for the resident and their families through custom flooring.  Custom flooring enables you to design a space that feel different from other senior living communities and personalized to your own residents and space.

Using custom design can produce timeless design, within budget providing commercial performance while still maintaining a soft residential feel.