Healthcare Design



There are many challenges facing the healthcare industry today:  increasing costs, increased specialization for patient care, significant changes in demographics due to the aging population, limited space with growing demand and higher experience expectations. Ultimately, these challenges drive the need for innovation, research and resources accessible to healthcare designers in a changing marketplace.

The Center for Health Design is a team of forward thinkers with a vision for creating healthcare facilities that promote healthier environments for patients and staff, while also creating a movement and affecting changes in design.  Their community is diverse, representing architects, interior designers, healthcare executives, healthcare professionals, researchers, product manufacturers, educators, patients, families and advocates  --all of whom are committed to optimizing healthcare facilities.

Designers in all segments welcome resources that include research and a community with which they can collaborate and validate ideas, new techniques and solutions.   The Center is this community for healthcare designers, as they have a proven track record of creating, launching and delivering programs that provide value to the industry, including the Pebble in Practice workshops.  

Pebble in Practice is one of the many resources and tools that the Center provides for designers to discuss and potentially solve their current design issues and challenges.  Patcraft had the opportunity to participate in this collaborative forum, meeting with designers and industry leaders in Los Angeles and Baltimore.  During the interactive workshops, Patcraft heard from attendees, learning more about the challenges they face and the needs they have when it comes to design in today’s evolving healthcare industry.  
A common topic of discussion was the need for research and resources to address changes in the industry. Nathan Howell, from HKS Dallas who attended the workshop, specifically stated that the “industry is shifting, creating more of a need for research, best practices and a community of industry partners working together.”   

Through forums and opportunities like Pebble in Practice, the Center is actively working to address these needs-- bringing industry leaders together to shape the future of healthcare design.  The industry is changing for the better, and with leaders like the Center for Health Design and designers committed to the advancement and solutions, the trends point to a positive future.