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Transform Design Workshop 2020

“We held our first event of the three-part Transform Design Workshop series, which included a panel discussion with industry experts including, Shannon Cochran, Patcraft vice president creative + design; Jennifer Edwards, consultant director at WGSN; and Nujhat Jahid-Alam, senior occupancy planner, CBRE Global Workplace (Coca-Cola). ”

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2020 Transform Community

“Transform Community is a program we designed to foster collaboration and encourage support of local initiatives that strengthen communities.  Throughout the year, our account managers and marketing and product development teams organize local community service opportunities bringing to life part of our company’s mission to transform spaces and human experiences.  ”

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Together We Transform

“A behind the scenes look at who is inspiring, creating and transforming the world around us at Patcraft. ”

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Ideabook 06 / Positive Disruption

In Ideabook 06, we take a closer look at how positive disruptions influence our design process, and how we connect with others. As Curious Observers, we continually seek to uncover new solutions. Explore untouched opportunities. Adapt to a changing landscape. And challenge the normal process. In moments of unpredictability, we are nimble and agile.

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An Unintentional Design Inspired by Curious Observation

“As curious observers, our product development team is consistently observing their surroundings to use as inspiration. Our product technician Cory Twilley was supervising the run of a current product when he noticed a unique color shift in the transition between pieces. He brought this sample to our product designer, Ron Powell who was inspired by this unintentional design and determined to develop a bold product to define spaces.

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Finding an Acoustical Solution

“Virginia Patcraft account manager, has won a large project with Virginia Tech by focusing on providing an acoustic solution.”

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“At 18” x 36”, this collection offers a uniquely sized plank that highlights more of the patterning throughout the visual with metallic accents, which consists of facet shapes inspired by parquet flooring designs.”

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An Inside View of Patcraft Collaboration

“Utilizing the virtual collaborative platform Miro, our team conducted a fully online experience which expanded to include account managers, RVPs, marketing, and the manufacturing team, which all provided entirely new insight into product and innovation needs. ”

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“Our latest carpet collection is inspired by the literal act of working with clay and exploring the textures and patterns that are formed.”

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2020 Associate Recognition

“Recognizing our team members who are continuously innovating how we build our business.”

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