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Local Reserve

“With desirable acoustical benefits, resistance to scratches and stains, watertight tongue and groove, and incredible resistance to indentation, Local Reserve provides a high performing resilient solution unlike many others. ”

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Our Product Development Process

“Listening to the market is integral to our process, and we view these conversations as a path to spark innovation. This collaborative process guides us as we gather insights about the internal and external forces that shape our creative vision.”

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Curious? What’s Your Type?

“We are all curious observers, seeking ideas at the root to uncover deeper meaning. We explore, listen, question, create and then we do it all again. Each of us is drawn to something a little different that drives our creative process. ”

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Are you Curious?

The Curious Observer / Exploring the Art of Creative Observation
We are all curious observers, seeking ideas at the root to uncover deeper meaning.

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Inspired Connection

“Our newest colorpoint collection, Inspired Connection, provides bold patterns with textural luxe to enhance our connections and enliven the spaces that surround us.”

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Idea Book Issue 5, Curious Observer

“Idea Book issue five is all about curiosity. Setting your eyes on the bigger, monumental ideas and chasing the why behind design.”

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CEUs: Design Insights that Inform and Transform

“Patcraft has engaged leaders in the A&D industry to better understand how design impacts user experience and productivity in the settings of workplace, education and healthcare. We are now sharing these insights through several carefully curated CEUs. 

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Coffee with a Curious Observer: Market Insights and Inspiration

“We are introducing a series of short insight presentations full of inspiration and ideas about the many ways consumer behaviors influence commercial design—offering the opportunity for a deeper connection and experience to the spaces where we work, learn and play.”

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Reentering the Workplace

“As an industry, we are constantly thinking about how we can improve the experiences of those in our spaces, but wow has that taken on a different meaning in the recent days and months.”

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Moisture Solutions System

“Understanding moisture concerns of a subfloor early on can save ample time and resources. From adhesives to padded backings, and moisture mitigation, Patcraft offers a variety of solutions to prevent, survive or solve moisture.”

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