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Reentering the Workplace

“As an industry, we are constantly thinking about how we can improve the experiences of those in our spaces, but wow has that taken on a different meaning in the recent days and months.”

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Moisture Solutions System

“Understanding moisture concerns of a subfloor early on can save ample time and resources. From adhesives to padded backings, and moisture mitigation, Patcraft offers a variety of solutions to prevent, survive or solve moisture.”

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Working From Home

“We are inspired by our account managers' resilience as they continue to transform space in their new roles as virtual consultants.”

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2020 Schools of the Future

“Recognizing leaders in education who encourage collaboration, critical thinking and innovation through sophisticated design in this digital age.”

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Earth Day

“It is the 50th year of Earth Day and we want you to celebrate with us.”

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“After exploring the Tucson Gem & Mineral Show for years, Senior Product Designer Ron Powell decided to bring the beauty of gems and minerals to life with Gemscape​.”

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Transforming Our Communities

“We feel passionate about helping one another through this time. It will take efforts from us all to make a difference.”

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Hampton Roads Academy

“Hampton Roads Academy's recent renovations represent their desire to design with their students' learning experience in mind. ”

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Deliberate Design on Student Success

“Individualization in the learning environment enhances school pride and improves student success.”

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Together We Transform: Customers

“A behind the scenes look at who is inspiring, creating and transforming the world around us with Patcraft.”

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