Aiken Electric Cooperative

Aiken, South Carolina

Chris Cody, Manager Supply Chain and Facilities


In 2013, Aiken Electric Cooperative, an energy company serving residents and businesses in nine counties in South Carolina, decided to replace the 10-year-old carpet in its large corporate facilities. The four-building campus has over 50,000 square feet of space, half of which is office space that required new carpeting.

Aiken Electric’s staff turned to their flooring sales agency, McWaters, to explore carpet options that fit their project scope, design concept and budget, says Chris Cady, Manager, Supply Chain and Facilities.

“It was during our budget and design phase, in October 2013, that McWaters showed us some of Patcraft’s carpet tiles,” says Chris. A light bulb went off: Aiken Electric provides electricity for the company’s carpet plant in Aiken, they realized.

In addition to the satisfaction of installing carpet manufactured by one of their own customers, Aiken Electric was pleased with the designs, patterns and pricing of the Patcraft carpet tile. The co-op installed 2,520 square yards of Patcraft’s 5K modular carpet tile in their administrative building, and engineering and operations buildings. The pattern, 10344, is a soothing blend of two different visual elements in warm earth tones. Color and pattern combine to give the bustling workspace an inviting, yet contemporary feeling.

“We had reconfigured the cubicles last year to give the customer service representatives more space. That left traces on the old carpet, and exposed, loose areas on the floor. Now that entire call center is spacious and open, and the carpet tiles were the crowning finish,” he says.

Patcraft carpet tile was also installed in individual offices and open spaces throughout the facility.

“The hallway is also an impressive look. Using walk-off carpet tiles in the entrances, with coordinating colors and patterns, we have eliminated the old black mats that we had used to help people wipe their shoes,” he says. “Even after installation, it was simple to extend or add more walk-off tiles—perfect for heavy foot traffic areas.”

Design and pricing were two important factors in Aiken Electric’s selection process. “As a cooperative, our customers are also member/owners. The company’s mission includes providing low-cost, reliable electric services, so keeping the renovation project under budget was a high priority, he notes.

Easy installation was another big concern for Aiken Electric, he says. They needed to replace not only old carpet, but in some areas, install carpet over vinyl flooring. Another challenge was finding carpeting for a large space that housed many different business functions.

“We were installing carpet in a gamut of use areas, from hallways, cubicles in the call center, collaborative spaces, customer service areas and even executive offices. Each of these areas presented a different installation challenge,” says Chris. “Luckily, the carpet tiles made all those spaces easy. Simply rip out the old, and slide the tiles under the furniture, and everything stayed in place. That was the first benefit of the Patcraft carpet tiles.”

Patcraft’s quality products and customer service fulfilled the expectations of everyone at Aiken Electric.

“I have received nothing but positive comments from both our workers and our members. Installing the right carpet at the right cost, with durability and easy maintenance, saves our cooperative (and its member/owners) money,” he notes.

Chris expects the new Patcraft carpet tile to outlast the previous carpet and in the end, save him and his company time and money.

“We can easily replace what is worn, stained or damaged while leaving other tiles in place. That, I think, will be the real long-term cost-saving advantage and fits our corporate strategies and promises to our member/owners. We will see long-term savings with these tiles as they are easy to maintain, and easily replaceable,” he says.

The employees at Aiken Electric are thrilled with their new Patcraft carpet tile and how it enhances their work spaces, he says.

“We did not know how beautiful the finished project would look. And did I mention that my fellow employees really love the carpet and the look it brings to the building?” he says. “I am surprised that the flooring transformation has instilled pride in the employees regarding their work space and created the desire to help keep it looking good.”