Fit to Perform:
Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness clubs are busy places where members can work out—whether using cardiovascular machines or taking floor exercise classes—24 hours a day. Flooring needs to be functional, durable, and easy to clean and maintain, says the company’s Director of Construction and Design Michael Zwiefel.

​Functionality, durability and ease of maintenance – these are three strong reasons why Zwiefel chose a Patcraft carpet tile and resilient flooring for two key workout areas of its 2,483 clubs worldwide. Based on the success of these products and Patcraft’s exceptional customer service, Zwiefel also chose Patcraft resilient flooring for its new Waxing in the City chain of body waxing studios throughout the U.S.

“The flooring needs to be appropriate for the activity in that area,” says Zwiefel, who is based in Minnesota. At Anytime Fitness, franchisers choose one of three decorative schemes for their store: Earth, Fusion and Classic. Each scheme uses Patcraft carpet tile and resilient flooring in colors and patterns that bring the design concepts to life.

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Having the right flooring product is only one aspect of creating a successful design for its stores, says Zwiefel. “The vendor is another aspect. They need to offer the right solutions for your needs. I enjoy working with Patcraft. They offer great customer service and have been an invaluable partner. When we needed a solution, and they didn’t have the right product in stock, they created a custom product.”

Patcraft’s carpet tile is used in the main body of its clubs, a spacious area filled with a variety of strength and cardio equipment elliptical machines and stair steppers. Each tile is laid at a quarter turn to create a unique look, says Zwiefel. He and his design team “were looking for something that created a subtle energy without overwhelming the space.”

About three months after he joined Anytime Fitness in 2011, Zwiefel was looking for a new carpet product to suit their design scheme and high-traffic environments. Patcraft created a custom carpet tile that fit the bill, Zwiefel says. “The tile has been a hit for us. It has delivered on everything we were looking for.”

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In addition to custom carpet tile in the strength and cardio areas, Anytime Fitness uses Patcraft’s Click Refresh, a LVT flooring product, in its multi-purpose rooms where members take exercise classes like yoga or Zumba.

“For our multi-purpose rooms, we were looking for a product that was more cost-effective than wood, but with durability. We were not getting the performance we needed from the original LVT we selected It was not durable,” says Zwiefel, who looked at several different flooring products before choosing Patcraft’s Click Refresh. “It performs well and it is cost-effective. Easy cleaning is also important for this area, and this product is essentially maintenance-free.”

When members take aerobic style classes they need to be able slide and move freely, says Zwiefel. Patcraft’s Click Refresh vinyl plank flooring offers them that versatility.

“We are getting a better product giving us better performance, at a price that was lower than we were using before, so it was an easy decision to choose Patcraft,” he says.

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Most of all, Patcraft’s great customer service, from customization to communication, drives Anytime Fitness to stick with Patcraft to fulfill its flooring needs, says Zwiefel.

“Patcraft provided us with an abundance of solutions and options when we needed them. Their price point is good, installation is easy, and there are a lot of aesthetic options,” he says. Finding and customizing the right carpet and flooring for their needs took time and patience, which Patcraft offered. “Because Patcraft understood our needs they were ready to help us identify products that met our design and performance criteria. As we continue to evolve our facilities, Patcraft continues to evolve with us.”

Locations:  United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, India, and Brazil