Mayo Clinic Health System

In a healthcare setting, installing the right flooring is crucial. Hygiene, comfort, easy cleaning and durability all make Patcraft resilient sheet flooring the perfect product for the Mayo Clinic Health System’s regional hospital in Fairmont, Minnesota.

“We put this high performance Patcraft flooring on an entire patient care floor, the entire second floor of the hospital,” says Eric Morris, Director of Facilities. He and his team selected the new flooring to replace aging, dark carpet as part of a recent upgrade. “It looks like wood grain, has marvelous performance characteristics for this type of application and it matches our décor exactly. We were able to tie all of it together perfectly.”

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Fairmont’s Mayo Clinic is a busy, regional hospital that handles a variety of patients at a time, and staffs eight to 14 nurses at any one time in the patient care unit, says Morris. Nurses roll heavy patient beds and medical equipment up and down hallways, and in and out of patient rooms. The flooring needs to be durable and comfortable for the healthcare professionals on their feet during long shifts.

“Going from the old carpet to the new vinyl flooring was very beneficial to our staff. It’s more ergonomic,” says Morris. “This flooring has been a lot easier to walk on. It’s as quiet as carpet. All the nurses have commented to me how easy it is on their feet.”

Fairmont is a lakeside town of 18,000 people southwest of Minneapolis. This close-knit community depends on its Mayo Clinic Health System facility for all their healthcare needs. For Morris and his staff, the right flooring helps keep the hospital in excellent shape and on budget.


Healthcare settings need to be as hygienic as possible, and flooring plays a key role in meeting that requirement, says Morris.

“Patcraft resilient sheet meets our infection control standards. We needed to install something that is not susceptible to any bacteria that could live in the floor. The product that Patcraft offers will not house bacteria, so we keep infections under control in the future,” he says.

The Patcraft flooring is also incredibly easy to clean, he says. This benefit helps keep hygiene standards high and labor hours low.

“It is practically maintenance-free. We don’t have to wax it. We don’t have to buff it. We just wet mop it,” he says. “That alone got rid of a lot of man power that I need for other work in the hospital.”

Morris has a checklist for carpet or flooring in his state-of-the-art hospital. First, the product must be healthcare certified and approved for installation in a sanitary setting. Second, the product should fit the facility’s color scheme and décor concept. Third, it must be durable and easy to maintain.

Patcraft’s resilient flooring met all the items to a tee, says Morris.

“We will try to get 10 to 15 years out of this floor,” he says. “We just absolutely love it.”

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