Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse

​When Evan Burns, a project architect with Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, is developing the design concept for a new or refurbished retail store, flooring matters. These large, warehouse-sized shoe and accessories stores are bright, engaging, high-traffic spaces where customers are in constant motion between the aisles.

In Step With Performance

“We develop prototypical concepts to maintain our brand identity, as opposed to creating new concepts for each new store location,” says Evan. Many factors influenced Evan and his team to select Patcraft’s Experience Modular carpet tile as the standard flooring for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse stores around the country. “In creating our design standard, the most important factors we consider are color, design, durability, cost and maintenance.”

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The process of choosing the right carpet tile to meet those design and practical needs was extensive, Evan says.

“While developing our current prototypical design for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, we collected samples from more than a half-dozen manufacturers, which produced a stack of samples that was approximately five feet in height. It is a detailed process. However, our entire team was up for the challenge to commit to our branded store concept,” he says.

In the end, Evan and his team selected Experience carpet tile from Patcraft. Why was this product, and working with Patcraft, such a great fit for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse?

“Patcraft’s Experience carpet tile met with a large consensus among the parties having input into the design. The design, durability, maintenance and costs were determining factors,” he says. At Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, it’s important that carpeting have the right look, feel and versatility for this high-traffic, appealing, light-filled environment, Evan adds. It’s the stores’ customers who must be satisfied in the end, he says. Shoe shoppers at Off Broadway stroll up and down long aisles to browse for products, selecting boxes from stacks in bins, and trying on shoes in between the rows.

Customer comfort and easy browsing are important, he says.

“Right now, we find carpet to be an appropriate surface for our open-stock retailer concept, as it provides a comfortable surface for customers to try on shoes and doesn’t damage the merchandise,” he says. “Carpet also hides defects in store slabs, is reasonably priced, and in the case of stains or damage over time, carpet tiles can easily be changed out by store employees.”

Working with Patcraft has been a positive experience for Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse, Evan notes. Customer service and flexibility are two primary reasons.

“The partnership is definitely successful. As with any project, we have had challenges; however, Patcraft has done a superior job of providing solutions if problems arise,” he says. “Our partnership with Patcraft has been extremely successful. Our satisfaction comes from ensuring our company is beautifully represented and happy with the product and our customer is comfortable and happy with their in-store experience. Patcraft provided great flooring solutions to help me with that, so I’m extremely happy.”