Plymouth Community
School District

With one million square feet of buildings used by thousands of students each year, Plymouth Community School District in Indiana needs versatile flooring that’s easy to clean and maintain, says Dave Schoof, Director of Facilities.

To meet their needs, Dave and his colleagues selected Patcraft carpet tile products for many of the district’s schools. After five years of using Patcraft carpet tile, Dave is pleased with the durability, design and easy maintenance these products offer.


Dave turned to Patcraft when he realized that their existing broadloom product wasn’t holding up to heavy foot traffic in the district’s busy schools.

“I didn’t feel we were getting the service life we needed out of the roll product we had before. There were lots of snags and we needed to do constant repairs,” Dave says. Replacing the old carpet often had to be completed in a seven-day window between school sessions. The process was cumbersome and messy, he says.

Working with Patcraft, Dave and his team installed a mock-up of Patcraft carpet tile to test its performance. “Carpet replacement with tiles is easier. It’s an in-and-out process and not as time-consuming,” he notes. Individual Patcraft carpet tiles can be replaced as needed, rather than replacing the whole area.

The color and designs of the carpet tile fit well with the schools’ cheerful interior design, and the finished product looks great. “The Patcraft carpet tile seems to be more stable when you lay it than many other product types we have seen. It doesn’t wrinkle at all,” says Dave.

Plymouth Community School District


Cleaning and maintenance are constant challenges for Dave and his staff. Flooring has to hold up to rolling furniture and carts, students and teachers tracking in dirt or salt on snowy days, and the other wear and tear of a year-round schedule.

“In a kindergarten class, you may have a paint spill or in a middle school somebody gets a bloody nose. Or we might have 4,000 people coming into a high school for a basketball game, tracking in salt or slush,” he says. “You can just pull up the carpet tile and replace it quickly when these types of events happen.”

Patcraft carpet tile is easy to clean, saving Dave and his team valuable time when rooms have to be open for classes and school activities, he says. “You can dry these carpets quicker than the old, rolled carpet. Cleaning is much easier for us now.”

After five years of using Patcraft carpet tile in Plymouth Community Schools, Dave says he’s pleased with the way the products have held up.

“I feel confident that it will make it through the 12-year replacement cycle or even extend it. The number of repairs we have had to do has gone down. If I can extend a replacement cycle a year or two, I save money. Everything is an asset, including flooring. You have to do proper asset management,” Dave says. “That’s quite a benefit.”


In 2013, Patcraft carpet tile and flooring was installed in Plymouth High School’s new, 20,000 sq. ft. Weidner School of Inquiry, a “school within a school” focusing on project-based learning. The innovative school was built into a former indoor swimming facility. Students helped select a dynamic color scheme for the walls, including blues, greens and yellows.

“The designs seem to engage the kids, and we wound up coordinating everything with the Patcraft carpet tiles,” says Dave. “The kids like it. It’s a little more fun. You don’t want to eliminate options for kids. You want to create an engaging space – and that is exactly what we could do with Patcraft’s carpet tile. In addition, it is comfortable for kids to sit on and teachers to stand on and it is nice for reducing noise and distracting sound.”

Patcraft’s reclamation program also pleases Dave and the green-conscious Plymouth School District. “This Patcraft carpet tile that we’re using can be recycled back into carpet tile. When we are ready, we just put it on a palette, they pick it up at no charge, and it doesn’t go into a landfill, which is great. We are not only teaching our future generation, we are also protecting their environment by partnering with Patcraft.”

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