Riverside Senior Life Communities

Jamie Zens
LNHA, Administrator
Bourbonnais, Illinois

Margo Komplin
AAHID, EDAC-Director of Interior Design
Madison, Wisconsin

On October 1, 2014, Riverside Senior Life’s newest assisted living and memory care community opened its doors in Bourbonnais, Illinois. New residents, families and visitors walked through the front doors of this 75,000 square-foot building and found a warm, inviting, cheerful space.

One key element of Riverside Senior Life’s design scheme: Installing Patcraft modular carpet tile in coordinating patterns and soft, neutral palettes throughout its 80 apartment suites, connecting hallways and communal activity lounges. Riverside Bourbonnais is a busy, active place, and its residents needed the right type of flooring to make the interior spaces attractive and safe, says Jamie Zens, the property’s administrator.

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“We need a low pile that is easy for our residents to walk on or move across without tripping or falling,” says Zens, who has been with Riverside Senior Life for 10 years. “Durability was also a factor. We need to be sure that our carpet stays nice for us for years to come. Carpet is a big investment for us. We better make it count. Carpet is also part of the aesthetic that provides the comforts of home for our residents and families.”

Zens and her team turned to ERDMAN, their planning, design and construction firm based in Madison, Wisconsin. ERDMAN’s Director of Interior Design, Margo Komplin, and Senior Interior Designer, Aaron White, presented an array of flooring choices. ERDMAN recently started including Patcraft products in their presentations because of the company’s new yarn technologies, design choices and price points, Komplin says.

Komplin showed Zens and the team at Riverside a selection of Patcraft modular carpet tiles that would blend and complement each other in the various spaces. Hallways pair subtle patterns that echo natural materials and the outdoors. “For the public areas, lounges and community centers, we wanted the carpet to have a different pattern to help define the spaces within the facility,” she says. Apartment suites and resident bedrooms have calming solid patterns that blend with any type of furniture or décor that a resident may bring in.

Komplin says Patcraft’s innovations in key areas make its products meet ERDMAN’s high benchmarks for its assisted living community projects.

“We have always liked Patcraft’s sustainability standards. We did our homework as far as performance criteria and how the product would meet the facility’s needs in healthcare,” says Komplin. “From a performance standpoint, you want it to hide spills but you still want it cleanable. Showing dirt or wear and tear is one thing. Being able to thoroughly clean it is another. Plus, because this is an environment for seniors, there is a lot of walker and wheelchair traffic. We need the carpet to be able to stand up to that.”


At other Riverside Senior Life Communities, Zens noticed that broadloom carpet had failed soon after installation. “After just two years, the carpet was peeling away from the walls. Stains wouldn’t come out easily, and smells were lingering,” she said. She found modular carpet tile to be a better choice for Riverside Bourbonnais, a facility that hosts all types of social activities, as well as day-to-day wear and tear.

“We want our carpet to be machine washable with our big equipment, and we don’t want our cleaning to pull up the tiles,” she says. The staff may serve red wine and appetizers in the activity lounges, or families may bring pets to visit residents in their suites. “Carpet tile is great for us, because if we do have a spill or a stain, we can pull up a tile, replace it and still maintain that seamless look.”

Cleaning the new Patcraft carpet tile is a quick, simple process for the Riverside Bourbonnais maintenance staff, says Zens. “No news is good news. Our porters are having an easy time cleaning up, which is good.”