Texas Christian University

Ft. Worth, Texas

Stephanie McPeak,
Registered Interior Designer and LEED Green Associate

Texas Christian University sprawls across 277 acres in the suburbs of bustling Ft. Worth. At this dynamic campus, 10,033 students and 2,000 employees busily engage in academic, athletic, social, and cultural activities. TCU is in growth and renovation mode, with new facilities being built or planned, and existing facilities being upgraded to suit advances in technology and education.

Interior Designer and TCU alumna Stephanie McPeak joined the TCU staff four years ago and noticed Patcraft carpet and resilient flooring in many of the campus facilities. In fact, using Patcraft products was already the standard for renovations in the Horned Frogs’ athletic facilities. McPeak has continued using Patcraft products in TCU facilities because of attributes like durability, appearance, color, design options and easy maintenance.

“As Patcraft has rolled out more products in their line, like their LVT products, our opportunities to use them in other areas and in different applications has increased,” says McPeak. TCU has invested $430 million in building new or renovating facilities since 2009, and the university’s construction activity continues.

Texas Christian University


Patcraft products fit well into McPeak’s vision for these versatile, busy campus facilities. TCU has installed Patcraft carpet tile in the weight rooms and locker rooms in the Horned Frogs’ athletic facilities, and LVT in residence halls and faculty office suites.

In student residence halls, Patcraft’s durable LVT products are installed inside the suites, and it stands up to “all kinds of daily wear and tear: foot traffic, dragging of furniture, food and beverage spills, and even an occasional flooding,” says McPeak.

In faculty office suites, Patcraft vinyl plank flooring is ideal for wet areas like break rooms where staff might grab a coffee, as well as “in executive spaces where we want an upgraded aesthetic,” says McPeak.


Aesthetic appeal is as important as durability when it comes to choosing flooring, says McPeak. Patcraft’s LVT hits all the right notes with a variety of color and style.

“In residence halls, we want to create maintainable spaces that also feel like home to the students. We selected a product that we knew would be durable enough to stand heavy abuse, but also have the aesthetic appeal of a residential product,” she says. “Patcraft’s resilient is very current, but also timeless in its style and coloration. It has excellent transitional colors that are unique to Patcraft.”

In her design process, McPeak takes many factors into consideration, so Patcraft’s versatile range of products, colors, and patterns makes finding the right flooring much easier.


TCU is a busy campus year round. McPeak depends on Patcraft flooring to suit the school’s high standards for durability, easy cleaning, affordability, and style. The university’s students and faculty need to have access to their facilities, or their work is interrupted.

“From a maintenance standpoint, very few of the spaces on our campus have enough downtime to allow for replacement or repair” of carpet or resilient, she says. “If it wears out quickly or has a defect, we are forced to take critical spaces offline. In addition, we plan for capital projects at least a year in advance. Unexpected expenses affect our ability to complete other necessary and planned projects.”

Patcraft’s dependable, beautiful carpet tile and resilient flooring keeps McPeak and everyone at TCU on track for high achievement now and in the future.

“TCU has a very high standard for aesthetics and maintenance. Patcraft’s products have always supported that expectation.”

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