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Patcraft is a Thought Leadership partner with The Center for Health Design. Our organizations are working together to collaborate, explore, develop knowledge, and share findings around key points of healthcare design and the intersection with healthcare delivery systems; including Hospitals, OP/Ambulatory Care and Senior Living.

CHD + Patcraft Giveaway!

CHD + Patcraft Giveaway!

As support of the treasure hunt that The Center for Health Design is promoting, Patcraft will give away 20 $20 gift cards on each day of Behavioral Health Design Virtual Workshop being held on 5/14, 5/21 & 5/28. To enter, the participant simply places a short video on Instagram, with the hashtag #patcraftCHD, answering their choice of questions below. The first 20 to post their video will be awarded a $20 gift card. This contest will run 3 separate dates – Thursday, May 14th, 2020; Thursday, May 21st, 2020; and Thursday, May 28th, 2020 resulting in a total of 60 gift cards.

  1. How are you taking care of yourself?
  2. How has this experience changed you?

We look forward to seeing your videos tagged #patcraftCHD!

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Behavioral Health Workshop Bag

Behavioral Health Workshop Bag

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Photo at the top of page:
Schneck Medical Center, Seymour, IN
Product installed: Ivy Walk colors Arctic Gray & Urban Gray
Photo credit: arc DESIGN and Studio 13, Inc.