LokDots™ — Easy Tile Installation (Almost) Anywhere

Perfectly designed for occupied space and high moisture installation, LokDots™ is great for installers, end-users, the environment — and you.

Introducing Your New Tile
Installation Partner

Meet LokDots™, a pressure-sensitive adhesive that will make your next carpet tile installation easier than ever. Perfectly designed for occupied space installation, LokDots™ is an odorless system that virtually eliminates VOC emissions and reduces the amount of required adhesive materials by 97%. It’s also CRI Green Label Plus and Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified®, making it great for installers, end-users, the environment — and you.

LokDots™ is ideal for installing EcoWorx carpet tile in high moisture environments. As long as there are no visible signs of moisture present, no moisture testing is needed to install LokDots. It can also be installed over any substrate, including concrete, VCT, VAT, cutback, wood and more.

Installed using an ergonomically designed hand-held applicator, LokDots™ are lightweight and simple to use — even for the most complicated installations. And with more than 70,000 yards of product installed with LokDots™ and counting, you can be sure it works.

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