Removing Spots & Spills

Keep your carpet beautiful – and extend its life – by quickly removing spots and spills when they happen.

How to Handle Common Clean-ups

Cleaning spots and spills from your carpet as soon as possible helps keep your flooring as beautiful as possible – for as long as possible. Use these steps to address common clean-up needs.

  1. Gently scoop up any solids with a spoon or dull knife. Absorb spills quickly with white paper towels or cloths.
  2. Always blot, never scrub or rub abrasively (this may create a fuzzy area). Blot from the outer edge towards the center of the spot to avoid spreading or enlarging the problem area.
  3. Thorough removal of the stain material and detergent residue is critical to preventing resoiling. Water extraction is best for accomplishing this: many cleaning equipment manufacturers offer small portable extraction machines specifically designed for spot rinsing after spot cleaning.
    (For more information on these machines, call the Patcraft Technical Services Department at 800.471.7429).
  4. Place several layers of towels on the spot to draw out remaining moisture. Weight the towels down with a heavy object that will not transfer color, such as a plastic jug of water. Repeat the process until the stain no longer transfers to the towel.

Before using a cleaning agent on a spill or stain, first identify the stain and use the following chart to determine how best to clean the carpet.

Patcraft cleaning chart

* Consulting a trained professional cleaner is an option


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