Competitive Cost – For the Life of your Floor

Keep your resilient floors looking – and performing – their best with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Know Your Floor’s Lifecycle Cost

The total cost of your floor includes more than product purchase and installation: it also includes maintenance, cleaning and even reclamation and removal costs over the life of your floor. Use the lifecycle cost calculator below to see how our resilient flooring offers world-class quality, performance and aesthetics at nearly half the cost of other resilient brands.

What—Really—Is the Cost of Doing Business?

Patcraft resilient products can cost nearly one-half less than typical VCT (or any competitive product requiring polish) over the life of the floor.

To compare the life cycle of our products with leading competitors, enter the installed and/or maintenance prices in the boxes below.




Patcraft Polish Optional Resilient

Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 Year 4 Year 5 Year 10 Year 20
VCT/Other (Red)
$1.50 $1.71 $3.21 $4.92 $6.63 $8.34 $10.05 $18.60 $35.70
Patcraft polish
optional resilient (Blue)
$4.25 $0.70 $4.95 $5.65 $6.35 $7.05 $7.75 $11.25 $18.25