Back Up Matters

Choosing broadloom and carpet tile backings designed to address the specific performance needs of your space — from moisture and staining to high wear and tear — helps ensure long-lasting comfort, color, and visual appeal.


Patcraft broadloom and carpet tile backings are designed to reinforce durability and total performance across a full range of multi–functional spaces and interiors. From high moisture, traffic-heavy environments to high wear–and–tear spaces, our EcoWorx®, EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom, EcoLogix®, StrataWorx® and Ultraloc® Pattern backings make the right solution available for any interior.

The foundation of our products, each backing system is warranted for the life of the installation and is guaranteed not to zipper, ravel or delaminate. Low VOCs, CRI Green Label and Green Label Plus certification, and NSF 140 Certification all help contribute to the LEED® Green Building Rating System™.

When paired with Eco Solution Q® or Solution Q Extreme® fiber, our Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM EcoWorx® and EcoLogix® backings are also covered by our Environmental Guarantee — ensuring we'll collect and recycle it at the end of its useful life — at no additional cost.


Made with recycled soda bottles, EcoLogix® cushion backing is a PVC–free, environmentally responsible product designed to lend under–foot comfort to high performance applications. EcoLogix® helps reduce leg fatigue as well as provides superior durability and delamination strength. It also passes the British Spill Test and assists in noise reduction by absorbing sound. With 88% post–consumer recycled content, EcoLogix® can contribute to the LEED® Green Building Rating SystemTM through recycled content, low–emitting materials and Innovation in Design.

The fiber matrix in EcoLogix pad leaves pathways for vapor to move and escape out through the seams so it does not become entrapped below the tile. EcoLogix is approved for use with no moisture testing above grade and below grade with Shaw 4151 or EcoLogix ES, a mill-applied hot melt adhesive.

EcoLogix backing is available on a majority of Patcraft carpet tile styles. Contact your sales rep for ordering and sample information.

EcoLogix® Warranty

EcoLogix® ES

Encompassing all the sustainability and performance attributes of EcoLogix®, EcoLogix® ES provides the same great qualities of EcoLogix®, but with a mill applied hot melt adhesive offering odor free and easy installation. EcoLogix® ES is ideal for high moisture installations, and requires no moisture testing as long as no visible moisture is present. The fiberglass reinforced thermoplastic layer laminated with fiber matrix secondary backing allows moisture to easily escape through the seams of the tile.

EcoLogix® ES Warranty

EcoWorx® Tile

Our 100% PVC-free high performance modular backing is designed with ingredient materials that are safe and healthy for humans and the environment. NSF 140 and Cradle to Cradle Silver CertifiedCM, EcoWorx® was awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Award by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its environmental performance benefits.

What's more, choosing an EcoWorx®-backed product means choosing products that can help contribute points towards the LEED® Green Building Rating System. And thanks to smart design and construction, when your EcoWorx®–backed carpet is no longer needed, our global environmental guarantee commits that we'll pick it up and recycle it into more EcoWorx® — at no cost to you.

EcoWorx® Warranty

EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom

Because we know just how important durability and longevity are to you, we took the performance benefits of EcoWorx® carpet tile backing one step further. EcoWorx Performance Broadloom is a sustainable, non-PVC moisture barrier backing system.

Designed to perform even in the toughest environments — and look beautiful doing it — EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom's non–flow–through characteristics create a complete, impermeable moisture barrier that greatly reduces wick–back stains and passes the 10,000 impact test.

NSF 140 and Cradle to Cradle CertifiedCM, EcoWorx® Broadloom also falls under our environmental guarantee, ensuring it can be returned to us to be recycled into new EcoWorx® as soon as you no longer need it.

EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom Warranty

StrataWorx® Tile

StrataWorx® tile is an innovative, lightweight polymer composite backing offering maximum efficiency in manufacturing, transportation and installation. Hitting a level of performance, benefit and cost typically only broadloom products could, StrataWorx® offers a modular solution which was previously unobtainable with carpet tile products.

StrataWorx® Warranty

Ultraloc® Pattern

Ultraloc® Pattern premium enriched polymer backing comes standard on Patcraft loop pile products, delivering high durability and high value. A hardworking, long–lasting backing system, Ultraloc® Pattern is made to perform in high traffic areas. Available in 12–foot rolls, this backing provides excellent pattern matching capabilities, exceptional rollability, and a lifetime commercial warranty.

Ultraloc® Pattern Warranty