Installation & Maintenance

Proper installation and maintenance is key to maximizing your carpet's long–term performance.

Good Installation & Maintenance Makes a Difference

We're committed to making sure Patcraft flooring products deliver maximum performance and aesthetics for every space, every time. That means sticking to rigorous design, engineering, materials and manufacturing standards. It also means providing you with the standards for ensuring the proper installation and maintenance – standards that can make or break your carpet's long-term performance.

Commercial Carpet Installation

Our videos and guides to carpet installation will take you from basic practices to key tactics for a flawless installation. From how to check products before cuts are made, to tips for matching patterns, our guide – and a qualified installer – will help you enjoy years of service from your Patcraft carpet.

EcoWorx® Broadloom Installation
Installation Guide for Patcraft Commercial Broadloom
Installation Guide for EcoWorx® Broadloom
Installation Guide for StrataWorx
EcoWorx® Broadloom Adhesives
Shaw Adhesive 3500
Shaw Adhesive 3600
Shaw Adhesive 3800
Tile Installation
Installation Guide for EcoWorx/EcoLogix Tile
EcoWorx® Tile Adhesives
Shaw Adhesive 5000
Shaw Adhesive 5036
Shaw Adhesive 5100
Shaw Adhesive 5900