Greener buildings matter to everyone. Declare helps drive the world’s most advanced standards for green buildings (and the materials used to create them).

Greener Buildings Matter

Declare is an extremely rigorous green building certification program developed by the International Living Future Institute (ILFI), a non-governmental organization committed to identifying and driving the most advanced green building standards in the world.

Declare embraces many fundamentals of the Cradle to Cradle® product design philosophy, along with demanding certification requirements for site selection, energy, water, health, materials, equity and beauty. In addition, Challenge states that certified buildings should avoid the use of products that contain materials or chemicals identified on the Materials Red List. Developed in conjunction with the Healthy Building Network, the Red List identifies chemicals and materials that pose serious concerns to human and environmental health.

All Patcraft products that are Cradle to Cradle certified contain no chemicals on the Red List and comply with Declare Materials Petal requirements. They're also registered with the International Living Future's DECLARE program as LBC Compliant.

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