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Flooring is an essential part of every environment and should be designed to perform in a way that maximizes human potential. Patcraft offers flooring solutions that ground, support and enhance human activities allowing civil servants, citizens, and government personnel to pursue their objectives as effectively and comfortably as possible. Because when it comes to creating a comfortable, secure and accessible environment, flooring matters.

With over 50 products on the GSA contract and a knowledgeable support staff trained to handle the detailed process of specifying for government purchasing, Patcraft offers products that are designed to work in government offices, military bases, airports, convention centers, courthouses and any other government facility.

Featured Installations
Performance & Maintenance

There’s a lot to consider when evaluating the foundation of a commercial government space. Several factors influence flooring’s performance and appearance retention including construction, installation and maintenance. The right combination of flooring products and solutions are key to protecting your investment for the long-term.


The way flooring is constructed contributes to the overall strength, durability and aesthetics. These components help resist stains, wear and tear, and moisture while providing long-lasting comfort, color and aesthetic appeal.

- Construction also plays a large role in creating environmentally sustainable products. May of our fibers and backings are fully recyclable and meet Cradle to Cradle standards.

- Solution Q Extreme® fibers are constructed to repel stains to help protect your surfaces from spills, stains and mishaps. Carpet constructed with Solution Q Extreme can be cleaned using just water, helping lessen the need for harsh chemicals. The fibers are impermeable to moisture, greatly reducing stains and offers lifetime warranties against abrasive wear, static protection, stain resistance, colorfastness to light and colorfastness to atmospheric contaminants.

- EcoSolution Q® fibers are made of long-lasting, colorfast nylon 6 that withstands wear and helps retain appearance. Made of pre and post-consumer content. Eco Solution Q is an industry leader in DPF or denier per filament, which means that the filament holds up better to wear from walking, rolling traffic and other stresses. It also leads in tensile strength, which measure the force a fiber can withstand before breaking.

- EcoWorx® Tile is the industry’s first sustainable, non PVC tile backing. This high-performance tile backing offers limited lifetime warranties against extreme wear, static, zippering, ravel and delamination.

- EcoWorx® Performance Broadloom adds a powerful moisture barrier that helps protect subfloors from liquid contaminates and passes the 10,000 impact test.

- EcoGuard Quartz® finish for resilient offers an easy non-wax option and high-performance construction that enhances its strength, pressure and indentation retention. Our resilient products are manufactured to provide maximum comfort and control while reducing moisture and noise levels.


Proper installation and maintenance are key factors when considering sustainable, high-performance flooring that will maintain its appearance under high usage and traffic in schools.

LokDots® is an odorless adhesive designed for the installation of carpet tile in occupied spaces. It’s ideal for high moisture areas and raised access flooring. Installation with LokDots allows for little set up and downtime and can improve project turn-times.

Resilient Spray Adhesive S-150 for sheet, plank and tile offers a solvent-free, water-based adhesive option for occupied spaces that’s low in odor and free from calculated VOCs.

MAC is a free online Maintenance and Cleaning tool that provides training for end-users and facility managers to help them develop a maintenance plan to best care for their flooring. Resilient products are engineered to resist ground-in dirt and particles. Surfaces are easily cleaned with conventional methods such as sweeping and mopping with a pH neutral cleaner and are buff and wax optional.