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Sound and the Built Environment

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Acoustics are the characteristics of a room or building that determine how sound is heard. Trends in the market toward hard surface flooring, multi-story buildings, glass walls and open office have increased complaints about noise.

Noise is defined as an unwanted sound judged as loud, disruptive or unpleasant. It can impact a resident’s experience, disrupt a classroom or result in communication errors in a healthcare setting. At Patcraft, we understand how sound affects environments and have conducted industry leading acoustical testing on our carpet and resilient products, which can help you select the correct flooring solution for your space.

The Sound Advisor® by Patcraft is a tool that allows you to hear the effect that flooring has on impact sound. Simply select your flooring construction, then add a floor covering. You can hear the difference and can select the best floor covering option to help you reach your desired IIC rating.


Three primary measures of sound abatement are IIC, STC and NRC. Each test focuses on different types of sound absorption or transmission. These tests are used to measure the sound abatement properties of various finishes, furniture or construction materials.

Impact Insulation Class (IIC) is a rating that measures how much impact sound from a floor above transfers to a room below.  Link

Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rates the amount of energy absorbed by a surface.  Link

Sound Transmission Class (STC) is a rating that measures how much airborne sound transfers through a floor/ceiling assembly or wall assembly.  Link

Sound Advisor