In a healthcare setting, installing the right flooring is crucial. Infection control, comfort, ease of maintenance, and durability all make Patcraft resilient sheet flooring the perfect product for the Mayo Clinic Health System’s regional hospital in Fairmont, Minnesota.

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Support Matters

Healthcare floors can create atmospheres that support patient recovery, provide comfort underfoot, and enhance spaces designed to promote healing. That means there’s a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the right floor for your healthcare space. Appearance retention. Moisture resistance and anti-bacterial properties. Underfoot cushioning. Acoustics and sound absorption. Traction and rollability. Ease of maintenance. Patcraft’s flooring solutions provide the answer — delivering beautiful, high durability, high performance products designed specifically to meet the demands of healthcare environments.

Flooring for Healthcare

The Right Products Matter

Waiting rooms, treatment areas, therapy and rehabilitation spaces and accommodations are all part of the healthcare experience for patients, families, caregivers, and medical staff. The right combination of flooring products can help create healing spaces that work together seamlessly to enhance the patient experience — and support the range of activities that take place within a healthcare facility. From broadloom and carpet tile to resilient, our full range of healthcare flooring helps you create the foundation of spaces designed with healing in mind.

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Healing Spaces Matter

When it comes to healing, design can have a direct impact on patients’ response to their treatment — and their healthcare environment. Patcraft healthcare products are available in colors, patterns, styles and scales appropriate for creating soothing atmospheres, limiting visual distraction and promoting wellness. Our floors can also help absorb sound, provide underfoot cushion, offer traction for patient stability and equipment mobility, and deliver moisture resistance and anti-bacterial properties — all essential factors for spaces that need to balance style and performance.

Flooring for Healthcare

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Maintaining Your Floors

Healthcare flooring faces tough demands. High foot traffic, rolling equipment, moisture exposure and heavy daily wear and tear. That’s why it should be engineered to resist stains and soiling and retain appearance over time. It’s also the reason a smart cleaning plan is critical. Use our resources develop appropriate cleaning and maintenance schedules and practices to help your floors stay beautiful for the long haul.

Cleaning and Maintenance