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Designed Healing Spaces

Healing spaces require flooring products built to perform, on every level and under the toughest conditions. The beauty, durability and value of Patcraft products help to create an atmosphere that encourages healing and comforts patients, families, caregivers and staff.

Beautifully designed space can do wonders for the healing process. Especially when the carpet is designed to perform as good as it looks. Depending upon your specific facility needs, long-term care, acute care or medical office, you’ll find the perfect Patcraft product to suit every space with a wide variety of colors, patterns, scales and textures to choose from—in modular or in broadloom. Calming collections for waiting areas and family respite, camouflaging patterns for hallways and high traffic nurses’ stations and soothing designs to make patient areas feel more like home.

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Healthcare Case Studies

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Featured Installations

For patients and healthcare professionals, the healing process is always in motion. Combine everyday common spills with the back and forth of shift changes, rounds and patient motility, and a carpet floor can lessen the likelihood of slips and falls. When falls do occur, carpet softens the impact and greatly reduces the risk of injury.

Even when completely dry, shiny floors can have the appearance of being slick and wet. This may cause disorientation for patients and visitors, especially the elderly. Patcraft carpet significantly reduces glare and eliminates the potential for visual discomfort and confusion.

Noise can also be a factor in healthcare facilities, inhibiting the recovery process, disturbing patient rest and caregiver focus. And while hard surface flooring reflects sound, carpet absorbs it, lessening noise levels by 24 – 40%.

Nurses, doctors and support staff spend countless hours on their feet. And carpet cushions their every step, reducing feet and leg fatigue, improving posture and over all comfort levels.

Appearance retention. Soil hiding. Acoustics. Rollability. Comfort under foot. With Patcraft, your choices do not stop at color, pattern and scale. They go even deeper into the very make-up of the product. Designed with colors and patterns that comfort and soothe, our products can also physically withstand the toughest performance requirements. Whether you’re looking for a product that stands up to heavy foot traffic, spills and stains, controls noise for patient comfort or eases rollability of wheel traffic, hospital administrators and facility managers can take comfort in the fact that our carpet is designed to maintain its appearance and provide a comfortable environment conducive to healing even in these performance environments.

Everyone loves the look of new carpet but without the proper maintenance plan, your new carpet might not look new for long. Patcraft helps you maintain the appearance and extend the performance of your carpet by recommending a proper, low-cost maintenance program that outlines steps you can take daily, monthly and yearly to ensure your carpet looks new for years to come. Just in case you are still not convinced, our products are covered by a warranty that protects your installation against stain removal, edge ravel, zippering or delamination for the life of the installation. No doubt our products are built for the lives being lived on us.

As a member of your community, the well being of our families, friends and neighbors is very important to us. We strive to be accountable for our actions and support our community in everything we do. At Patcraft, we strive to live this mission by providing sustainable products that are safe for patients and healthcare providers, safe for our planet and safe for future generations. Specification of our carpet can contribute to a building’s LEED certification, and Eco Solution Q fiber and EcoWorx backing are among the first ever Cradle to Cradle certified products. Which means, even at value prices, when you specify our commercial carpet, you haven’t just met industry standards, you’ve exceeded them.