Collection / Resilient


Behind the Collection


Designed to transform space.

Inspired by our customers’ desire for a PVC-free resilient flooring, EcoSystem is a collection of coordinating wood pattern plank and sheet and abstract tile and sheet. Derived of bio-based rapidly raw material like canola, rapeseed and castor oil, EcoSystem is free of ortho-phthalates, plasticizers and solvents and is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver and carbon neutral.

Soothing patterns.

The collection’s Meaning tile and sheet boasts an abstract, soft and calming multi-directional pattern which was inspired by artwork created by dipping string in watercolor and pressing on paper.

Supporting performance.

In addition to an ExoGuard+ top coat to protect against scratching, staining and scuffing, the visual also helps to hide dirt and debris and is easily maintained with a pH neutral cleaner. The timeless wood visual of Enrich plank and sheet is designed to coordinate seamlessly with the abstract visual.

Inspiration & Specs

Idea Book / Issue 3

What happens when you take an inside-out point of view? Inside-out knowledge leads to breakthroughs in sustainability. Inside-out design lets us create indoor spaces that mimic the outdoors in aesthetics, healthy materials, light, texture, flow. Inside-out products combine transparent materiality and inner beauty to engage our senses while enhancing our world. Look within these pages and you just might create the very best outlook for the future in Idea Book, Issue 3.