Together We Transform

We strive to transform spaces and experiences for your needs. It takes a team of innovative and inspiring people to transform the market and we feel that we have the best employees to do just that. Get to know our team members with a behind the scenes look at who is inspiring, creating and transforming the world around us at Patcraft.

We Are Patcraft

Ron Powell

Day Job: Senior Product Designer

Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2002

Location: Cartersville, Ga

Inspire / Nature
"I am inspired by the world around me. Particularly nature, as it is the ultimate creative force on earth."

Create / Observe
"Creativity to me is the ability to observe our surroundings, listen to our senses then output the result into the medium of choice."

Transform / Positive Shift
"I would like to see a dramatic positive shift toward a greener, less divided global community."

Favorite Patcraft Product: Cube & Colour

I am Patcraft because... I bring creative passion to everything I design.

Corey Twilley

Day Job: Product Technician

Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2016

Location: Cartersville, Georgia 

Inspire / Surroundings 
"I am inspired by nature and all the different things around me daily."

Create / Unique Ideas
"Creativity is when you have unique ideas for something new or old. Something that you can put your own spin on to enhance, make better or even develop from original ideas." 

Transform / Camaraderie
"I would like to see more camaraderie among all people to work together not against each other."

Favorite Patcraft Product: Colour Interference

I am Patcraft because... I love to see the development of new products transform from ideas and team collaboration.

Kelly Stewart

Day Job: Design Director


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2015

Location: Cartersville, Georgia

Inspire / Painting and Piano
“I love having a variety of creative outlets that differ from my everyday work so I can switch things up whenever I'm looking for a new challenge or project.”

Create / Rebecca Atwood Admiration
“I'm inspired by her process and the importance she places on playing, experimenting, and making. Her work is authentic and true to who she is as an artist and designer. Creating authentic designs and staying true to the process are so important to me and my work.”

Transform / The World
“I would like to see more people show kindness to one another. I think we could use a lot more of it!”

Favorite Patcraft Product: Creative Code

I am Patcraft because… I believe in pushing the limits.


Day Job: Marketing Manager


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2000

Location: Cartersville, Georgia

Inspire / People
"I am inspired daily by different people. I am inspired by anyone who follows their passions or who is working to make a change in this world."

Create / Read
"I am an avid reader, mostly fiction and biographies."

Transform / Architecture
"I would love to see all of the abandoned builidngs be renovated and occupied before new construction takes place."

Favorite Patcraft Product: Patina

I am Patcraft... because I am inspired by the team that I work with everyday.


Day Job: Senior Account Manager


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2012

Location: Indiana
Inspire / Competition 
“The thrill of the chase and competitive side of winning a job inspires me.” 
Create / Drawing and Music
“I enjoy drawing occasionally. I took drawing in High School and College and it has become therapeutic for me. Music is also an everyday must. I’ve always liked music and who doesn’t roll the windows down and sing as you go down the Highway?”
Transform / My Kids 
“Having kids transformed the way I approach many things. I know that decisions I make can have a positive or negative effect on more than just myself. “
Favorite Patcraft Product: Transverse

I am Patcraft because... Patcraft transformed my career aspirations 7 years ago!


Day Job: Senior Account Manager


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2017

Location: Columbus, Ohio
Inspire / The Lake 
“I find inspiration by spending time at Lake Rabun in Georgia.”
Create / Mornings with Children 
“Instead of having the tv on in the mornings while the kids eat breakfast and get ready for school, I now put something on the kitchen table each day. It's fun to watch and listen as they talk around the table. Creativity is "to grow". When we are creative we feel "alive" and we find ways around obstacles because we do not see them as roadblocks but as opportunities.”
Transform / Exercise 
“I transform my day by working out three times a week. I do this because it's the only time in the day that is dedicated to "me". Once I workout, I'm ready to think clearly, game plan, and have a productive, creative day.

Favorite Patcraft product: Artefact

I am Patcraft because... the opportunity within Shaw presented itself at the absolute right moment. 


Day Job: Hard and Soft Surface Product Designer


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2018

Location: Cartersville, Georgia 

Inspire / Explore
“I love exploring new mediums and constantly challenging myself. I never want to stop learning.”

Create / Painting 
“To be creative, I enjoy painting large scale abstracts. I love to see how colors blend together, usually allowing myself to be guided by the music I'm listening to at the time.” 

Transform / Joy 
“I would like to see more people doing things that bring them joy. Life is too short to not be happy!”

Favorite Patcraft Product: Handloom

I am Patcraft because…..I am inspired by our customers who constantly push the envelope. 


Day Job: Senior Account ManagerĀ 


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2004

Location: Minnesota

Inspire / Imperfection
“I am inspired by walking through a town rural or metro or being in nature. Seeing the beauty of something out of place. A gnarled up tree, a crack in a brick wall, something imperfect."

Create / Music 
“We have lots of dance parties in the Gear’s house. My son says,  “Mom... we are crazy right.. not many moms dance on the window sills...right!”  We dance because life is too short not too.” 

Transform / Happiness
“Just be happy and don't judge! I love people for who they are...not who you think or want them to be!” 

Favorite Patcraft Product: Socrates

I am Patcraft because ... of family.  My personal life and Patcraft are one. My best friends are from being in this industry for 15 years.


Day Job: Digital Marketing Manager

Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2018

Location: Cartersville, Ga

Inspire /  My children 
“I am amazed at the things that my children think about and create.  Their ideas really inspire me to tap into my own creativity.”

Create / Perception
“Creativity isn't just the ability to draw, paint, sculpt, play music, etc.  It's the ability to have new, original ideas and be able to act on them.  Perceive the world in new ways, make connections between seemingly unrelated things, and to generate solutions.”

Transform / Insights 
“Talk to our audience; our customers, our users.  Understand what it is that they want and need.  If we collect insights from them, we can better understand what it is that they need and how we can hopefully transform their experience.” 

Favorite Patcraft Product: Deconstructed Felt

I am Patcraft because….. I am passionate about our customer's experience and understanding how we can make every point of contact personal to them.


Day Job: Account ManagerĀ 

Patcraft Enthusiast since:  2007

Location: Wisconsin

Inspire / Reading 
“I love biographies and historical fiction.  I get very inspired by real people and their amazing accomplishments.  "Under the Scarlet Sky" and " We Were the Lucky Ones" are two recent favorites.”

Create /  Our Fuel
“Whether or not we realize it, creativity fuels us all in many different ways. Sometimes it is creativity in finding the right solution for a flooring issue, sometimes it is being creative in planning fun and unique ways to entertain my clients. My next event is making holiday centerpieces with my clients.  It is a favorite event for many in the Madison design community.”

Transform / Community 
“I like to be involved in transforming my community and I do that through involvement in non-profits and have been lucky enough to have many clients join me.”

Favorite product: Mark Making

I am Patcraft because... of people.  The people who work for Patcraft sincerely care for each other, the environment and the people we share our wonderful products with. 


Day Job: Client Engagement Manager


Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2018

Location: Cartersville, Ga

Inspire / Solving Puzzles
“Solving puzzles sparks my inspiration - whether it is developing a tool for our account managers’ needs or planning a great customer visit, I like taking all the pieces and putting them together to create something great.”
Create / Thinking Outside 
“Creativity is thinking outside the box and not being afraid to take risks.”

Transform / Details
“Transforming experiences is accomplished by paying attention to all the details and making every experience a memorable one.”

Favorite Patcraft Product: Cube & Colour

I am Patcraft because….. I'm inspired by our team and working to continuously improve our customer's experience with our brand.


Day Job: Client Success Support Representative

Patcraft Enthusiast since: 2008

Location: Dalton, Ga

Inspire / Teamwork
“My team at work inspires me because we’re always helping each other.”

Create / The Arts
“I love to craft anything from arranging floral wreaths, making small home decor items, to refinishing furniture.”

Transform / Unity
“I would like to see people come together rather than always being against one another.”

Favorite Patcraft Product: Subtle Impressions

I am Patcraft because… We are a close-knit group of people that always work together for a common cause.