Flooring made with high durability, high performance fiber can ensure you will receive the performance required to transform your space - and maintenance experience.

The Right Fiber Matters.

The majority of our broadloom and carpet tile are constructed with EcoSolution Q100™ , Solution Q®, EcoSolution Q® and Solution Q Extreme® fibers which are made to deliver maximum performance, appearance retention and style. The engineered and modified trilobial shape of each fiber cross-section offers distinct performance advantages over other fiber types. In addition to reducing soil visibility until cleaning can take place, EcoSolution Q100™, Eco Solution Q® and Solution Q Extreme® offer the industry’s highest denier per filament (DPF), ensuring greater tensile strength and hexapod test performance. In other words, our fibers also deliver exceptional wear resistance and hold up better to walking, roller traffic and other stressors that often come with heavy use environments.

EcoSolution Q100

EcoSolution Q100™

EcoSolution Q100™ is a yarn system that offers 100 percent post-industrial recycled content allocated from waste minimization and collection efforts. 

Products made with EcoSolution Q100 offer a lower embodied carbon footprint creating valuable material out of waste and putting it back into our manufacturing process. EcoSolution Q100™ combined with EcoWorx backing offers a low embodied carbon and carbon neutral solution. 

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Our premium branded Nylon 6 carpet fiber, Eco Solution Q® combines high performance and environmental responsibility in a fiber engineered for outstanding durability. With a denier per filament (DPF) of 24 (one of the industry’s highest) and great tensile strength, Eco Solution Q® can withstand aggressive cleaning and look great for years to come.

Backed by lifetime warranties for stain, colorfastness to light, static, and abrasive wear, Eco Solution Q® is available in 200 brilliant colors — from bright saturations to a full spectrum of neutrals — so you can find the perfect balance of color, style, durability and performance.

Even better, Patcraft products made with Eco Solution Q® are made from recyclable Nylon 6 and our EcoWorx backed Eco Solution Q products are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ Silver ensuring Patcraft products made with Eco Solution Q® are as easy on the conscience as they are on the eyes.

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Even in the most extreme use environments, maintaining your floor’s appearance is important. Solution Q Extreme® is our next great solution. Designed for use in environments often exposed to frequent spills or harsh chemicals and where ease of maintenance is essential, Patcraft EcoWorx products constructed using Solution Q Extreme nylon are Cradle to Cradle Certified and high performing.

How is this possible? By shifting the conversation from polymer to polarity. Solution Q Extreme’s® cationic fiber is negatively charged, giving it the power to repel acid-based stains at the molecular level (and pass the GSA Test of Permanent Stain Resistance).

What does this really mean? No more maintenance worries, because acid-based stains can be removed with water only. So while Solution Q Extreme® can certainly handle tough detergent cleaners, water is all you really need to keep your carpet clean from common stains.

Solution Q Extreme® is backed by a lifetime stain, colorfastness, light, static and abrasive wear warranty


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