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Project Name: Prairie Winds Middle School
Firm: World Architects and Engineers
Location: Mankato, MN
Photographer: Dean Riggott
Products: Letterpress 1311V in Baseline, Underscore, Script, and Tab

The design of learning environments is linked to the experiences within, creating space to engage, connect, and grow. Our schools foster community. Promote collaboration. Inspire young minds. These are the spaces that encourage curiosity and support learning. From administrative offices to art rooms, libraries to lobbies, design for connection to spark imagination.

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Scratch Resistance

To demonstrate the performance of our ExoGurd® finish, the Patcraft technical team created the RTS test method based off the Martindale procedure.

Stain Resistance

Both our ExoGuard® resilient finish and our EcoSolutionQ® nylon fiber is constructed to resist soil and stains, as well as high appearance retention over time.

Cleaning + Maintenance

Patcraft resilient is polish optional, offering easy, low-cost maintenance and lower lifecycle costs that help to extend the lifespan of the floor.


Our flooring can provide opportunities to enhance acoustic design – balancing quite spaces and collaboration spaces with sound-absorbing materials to positively impact the student experience.


Our Flooring is FloorScore certified (resilient) and CRI Green Label Plus (carpet), with low VOC and ortho phalate-free, contributing to a better indoor air quality and overall material health.

Moisture Control

From adhesives, to rolled barriers, to padded backings and sealers, Patcraft offers a variety of solutions to prevent, survive or solve moisture. We are the only manufacturer to warrant a moisture treatment system from the subfloor to the finished product.

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Patcraft is also a national sponsor of A4LE and ASBO partnering with both to transform the learning environment.

The core purpose of A4LE is to strengthen learning for all through better environments. They are an interdisciplinary association of professionals working at the intersection of learning and place to drive the evolution of learning environments.

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The Association of School Business Officials International provides programs, resources, services, and a global network to school business professionals who are passionate about quality education. They promote the highest standards of school business management, professional growth and effective use of educational resources. Their mission is to serve as a premier professional association for school business leaders, the financial and operations leaders of school systems.

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Timing is Everything

At Patcraft, we understand the need for flooring products to be on time and on budget for all summer school projects.


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