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Underneath the Flooring

Before installing floor coverings, any subfloor imperfections need to be addressed. From floor patch to primers, Patcraft is your single source for solutions and has everything you need to begin transforming your space.

Surface Prep EXT | Concrete Etching Agent

Surface Prep EXT™ is a concrete cleaner and heavy duty etching agent. This product can be used as an alternative to mechanical methods of grinding and/or shot blasting. When used properly, once applied and removed, surface level contaminates will be removed, surface pH will be reduced, the substrate will be have a Concrete Surface Profile between 2-3 and be prepared for Shaw MoistureShield or MoistureTek applications. Shaw Surface Prep EXT is designed for use on concrete only.

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Shaw 9050 | Primer

Shaw 9050 is an acrylic solution made to neutralize excess alkali. Shaw 9050 is also recommended as a primer coat on porous concrete above, on or below grade, lightweight concrete, over floor patch and other porous surfaces to prevent over absorption of adhesive and to ensure a better bond. Shaw’s requirements for pH should range between 5 and 9. When using to neutralize excess alkali, test the pH after the first application and if the pH remains above 9 apply a second coat and retest pH level.

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Shaw MRP | Moisture Resistant Primer

Shaw MRP is a specifically formulated, water-based 2-part barrier primer, with excellent adhesion to both old and green concrete, smooth or profiled surfaces. Shaw MRP is designed to be used as a barrier primer over concrete, old cutback adhesive, asphalt based products, VCT tile, wood flooring or other solid surfaces.

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Shaw Quikfill | Urethane Filler

Shaw QuikFill is a 2-part urethane designed to fill saw cuts and fine cracks within concrete subfloors. QuikFill’s low viscosity allows for a deep penetration into saw cuts and fine cracks prior to installing floor coverings.

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The Wedge | Subfloor Leveler

The Wedge provides a tough finish that is resistant to indentation and gouging. It can be installed directly over concrete, wood, metal and existing flooring. It’s flexible design makes it easy to install when compared to time consuming and labor intensive alternatives. The wedge will provide a smooth transition between uneven substrates to create a surface that can immediately accept new flooring. It is ideal for all high-traffic applications, as it boasts superior durability. This made in the U.S.A. product meets FlooreScore, NSF332 Gold and CHPS criteria, and is bio-based phthalate free.

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Before installing floor coverings, any subfloor imperfections need to be addressed. From floor patch to self leveling underlayments, Patcraft and USG have you covered.


From added acoustical benefits, to comfort underfoot, or moisture management, we offer a variety of underlayments that extend performance attributes of our flooring.

Sound Advisor

Simply select your flooring construction, then add a floor covering. You can hear the difference and can select the best floor covering option to help you reach your desired IIC rating.

Benjamin Moore x Patcraft

Transform space, floor to ceiling. Our collaboration with Benjamin Moore allows you to select sample paint swatches to coordinate with your flooring selections for a comprehensive space design that is colorful, convenient and quick.  


Our pdQ program features hundreds of styles - including carpet tile, broadloom and resilient - that are available to ship to you in 10 business days or less, up to 2,500 square yards. When you need high-performance flooring products for fast-turn projects, look for the pdQ icon.