Enhance and Transform Government Facilities.

Create space to support performance. Design for community.

From libraries to labs, airports to medical centers, public spaces to public service departments, designing for government facilities requires a multifaceted approach. It must be simple, efficient, and transparent—inspiring confidence and providing value throughout the public procurement process. As specifiers create spaces to transform the human experience, choosing the right flooring for the right place is paramount.


Community vision. People-driven mission.

Government projects span a multitude of environments. Whether a space is designed for the public or for employees, it must be functional and flexible, inviting and efficient, personalized and safe. Supporting high-traffic and daily use, materials that are both high-performing and durable are critical to withstand the demands of a busy environment.


Define performance. Provide value.

Within government facilities, spaces must balance acoustics, provide safe environments, encourage wayfinding, and offer enhanced cleanability and durability—all while providing the best value. Selecting the right flooring is important. Clearly defined performance requirements and specifications enable a simplified product selection process, while also simplifying product to product comparisons - ultimately providing the best value for constituents.


Ensure Trust. Build Confidence.

Transparency in public procurement is critical. Timely, clear access to information helps to ensure fair and equal treatment, affecting public opinion and trust. A process that encourages free and open exchange of information, enhanced knowledge, improved efficiency and a simplified approach offers the greatest value for constituents, building both trust and confidence.


From inspiration and ideas to tools and trays, simplify the process with a little help from our resources. Whether you’re looking for samples, stock or sound advice, we’ve got you covered.

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