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Project: Martha's Vineyard Airport
Product: Eastern Facade in color Transit_00450

From libraries to labs, airports to medical centers, public spaces to public service departments, designing for government facilities requires a multifaceted approach. It must be simple, efficient, and transparent—inspiring confidence and providing value throughout the public procurement process. As specifiers create spaces to transform the human experience, choosing the right flooring for the right place is paramount.

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Government Solutions

Scratch resistance

To demonstrate the performance of our ExoGurd® finish, the Patcraft technical team created the RTS test method based off the Martindale procedure.

Stain Resistance

Both our ExoGuard® resilient finish and our EcoSolutionQ® nylon fiber is constructed to resist soil and stains, as well as high appearance retention over time.


Patcraft resilient is polish optional, offering easy, low-cost maintenance and lower lifecycle costs that help to extend the lifespan of the floor.

Material Health + Indoor Air Quality

Our Flooring is FloorScore certified (resilient) and CRI Green Label Plus (carpet), with low VOC and ortho-phthalate-free, contributing to a better indoor air quality and overall material health.

Moisture Control

From adhesives, to rolled barriers, to padded backings and sealers, Patcraft offers a variety of solutions to prevent, survive or solve moisture. We are the only manufacturer to warrant a moisture treatment system from the subfloor to the finished product.

Usa Manufactured

We offer a wide range of soft and hard surface products that are made in the USA.

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Patcraft is a part of the following Contracts and Group Purchasing Organizations, allowing organizations and facilities to purchase off these contracts to leverage better pricing, service levels and account representation. Leveraging a contract or GPO can simplify the buying process for you.



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