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Wall Covering

Vertical Endeavour

Take your flooring to new heights. Introducing Wall Covering for those applications requiring additional sound insulation or protection of interior spaces.

Vertical Endeavor

Vertical Endeavour is a wall covering available in 30 colors to best meet the needs of your space. 


I0546 | Monscape

I0546 | Whitewood

I0546 | Almond

I0546 | Pelican

I0546 | Mohair

I0546 | Sol

I0546 | Pottery Glaze

I0546 | Citrus Leaf

I0546 | Mineral Green

I0546 | Malichite

I0546 | Riverboat

I0546 | Pier Pointe

I0546 | Lakeland

I0546 | Ink

I0546 | SeaCliff

I0546 | Eclipse

I0546 | Antique Silver

I0546 | Flint

I0546 | Onyx

I0546 | black nickel

I0546 | snakeskin

I0546 | Exotic Clay

I0546 | Teak

I0546 | Mink

I0546 | Sierra

I0546 | Expresso

I0546 | hazlenut

I0546 | red velvet

I0546 | Roasted Pepper

I0546 | Blooms Berry

Contact your local Patcraft Account Manager for details and information on wall coverings.