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Stretch your color creativity with Chroma, our digital color customization tool.

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Inspire. Create. Colorize with Chroma.

Looking for the right colorway? Feeling creative? Chroma, our color customization tool, allows you to adjust colors, patterns and size firsthand — so you can design your own unique product. Choose from more than 1750 running line and custom patterns, then curate the perfect palette from hundreds of colors. Finalize your design, order a CAD or request a sample. Create custom colors + patterns in real time. Explore the possibilities.

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Idea Book Issue 4

What if we could design through the mind’s eye? Pulling from the senses to inspire new visions. This is your blank canvas – the freedom to create your custom expression.

Visualization Services

Your designs, our floors. Inspiration brought to life in custom 2D and 3D renderings. Dream it. Plan it. See it with Visualization Services.

Virtual Trays

Visualize. Drag. Drop. A custom mix in a couple clicks. At your desk or on the go. Curated samples, created in seconds. Your vision, your tray. At your doorstep in a flash.