Constructed to Perform

We know flooring is the foundation of the built environment. Which is why it’s important to understand the overall construction to better understand how each of the processes and components affect performance. While the yarn type and backing may be the most visual ingredients, how all of these items are constructed is what ultimately determines how well a carpet will perform.

Our Process

Because of Patcraft’s vertical integration, every aspect of the carpet-making process - from the production of the fiber, to the design, pattern, color, backing, and every component in between - are carefully paired and constructed. Common items when specifying carpet include:

  • Gauge: number of needles per inch across the width of the tufting machine, which correlates to how far apart the yarns are across the width of the carpet
  • Stitches Per Inch: how many stitches per inch in the length of the carpet
  • Tufted Yarn Weight: weight in ounces per square yard
  • Finished Pile Thickness: height of the fiber starting from the primary backing
  • Total Thickness: finished pile thickness plus the total thickness of the backing
  • Density: the amount of fiber in a given volume of carpet

Our Commitment

With our commitment to offer the best in the industry, the overall construction is inspected at every level of the manufacturing process to ensure quality and performance. The strength of the fiber, accuracy of the manufacturing process, durability of the backing, and correct bonding of the adhesive are each tested on an ongoing basis throughout the manufacturing process.


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