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Keep your floors looking and performing their best.

Tools. Resources. A team of experts. We offer you step by step maintenance and cleaning guidelines to help maximize your floor’s performance. Our tips and tools include basic steps for regular preventative maintenance as well as regular cleaning.

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  1. Identify traffic patterns to determine the traffic volume of your entire space.
  2. Assign cleaning frequency, time and type to areas based on traffic level (areas with heavy traffic, like entryways, hallways and workrooms, will need to be cleaned more frequently).
  3. Schedule periodic flooring inspections to address minor maintenance needs that extend beyond cleaning.


Our Carpet Maintenance Checklist  provides a great general reference for cleaning and maintaining your soft surface floorings, but the program you implement should be customized to meet your specific conditions.


Use entrance flooring to help trap up to 80% of soil and moisture from the first five or six steps into a building. These flooring solutions are designed specifically to reduce soil from entering other areas of a building, which can alleviate the time and cost of building maintenance.

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Immediately removing spots and spills from your carpet will help retain its appearance and reduce the likelihood of permanent staining. A general spot remover, such as Shaw’s Total Care or Total Care Green (or other cleaning agents with the Carpet and Rug Institute Seal of Approval) will typically remove most common spots and spills, and under no circumstances should spots and spills remain untreated for more than 24 hours.

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Cleaning Products

We know that keeping businesses, schools, offices, and other commercial facilities safe is top of mind. Shaw Pure is our product to provide a hospital-type disinfection solution to transform the safety of any commercial space. Each environment will bring its own challenges. It’s important to equip yourself with a broad-spectrum chemistry, for a wide variety of needs.

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