Transform Living.

Create space to build community. Design to enhance the resident experience.

In an age of convenience and personalization, the design of multifamily communities must focus on experiences that meet the preferences of a diverse group of future residents. As we look to design the next generation of multifamily housing, communities that support, encourage and enhance the tenant experience will be the center of the multifamily sphere. From amenities to aesthetics, comfort to safety, connectivity to community, create space to interact and engage.


Creating connections. Enhancing community.

Within multifamily communities, connectivity is an integral part of planning and development. From larger and enhanced recreation and gathering spaces to an inviting outdoor footprint, the ability to bring people together—creating community—is at the forefront, adding value to the tenant experience.

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Design for a sense of comfort.

Multifamily environments need to be inviting and warm, functional and flexible, timeless and inspiring. They must also balance acoustics, perform against moisture and withstand high traffic—all while encouraging a sense of belonging and providing a beautiful design aesthetic. Through color, texture and pattern, design sets the tone for a space, supporting connections and improving tenant satisfaction.


Flexible and durable. Supporting performance.

Multifamily design must balance performance attributes that are critical to productivity including durability, acoustics, moisture resistance and ease of maintenance. Flooring plays an important role in wayfinding, defining space and enhancing performance, while ensuring products are durable, provide comfort and are easy to clean.


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