Mark Making by Patcraft

Mark Making

Inspired by the artistic application of mark making and the graphic technique of sketch, patterns are brought to life with subtle movement, resulting in the textile quality of our newest luxury vinyl tile, Mark Making. Hatches and dabs cluster together in the design of the product to create a textile-like visual with organic movement throughout the pattern.

Mark Making is offered in 17 colorways which range from neutral to bright with unique patterning to allow for creative installations. Mark Making can be used for branding, wayfinding, color blocking and mixing to create more calming, and inviting spaces. This style not only offers a unique, desired visual, but one that will more aptly camouflage any scratches that could occur. The abstract yet organic visual can be used in any high- demand commercial space.

The design process for this collection began with our Senior Designer, Kelly Stewart, creating many small mark making studies, where she would create a certain type of mark and repeat it over and over to see what sort of pattern it would make.

Kelly says, "The act of mark making is known to have many benefits for both children and adults. It is especially therapeutic for me and I think that translated into this pattern, boasting a soothing, calm visual."
Mark Making by Patcraft
Mark Making by Patcraft
Mark Making is a 6” x 48” LVT produced at Plant RP in Ringgold, GA. It is also pdQ style, meaning it is available to ship within 10 business days. 

Mark Making is polish optional, offering easy, low-cost maintenance and carries FloorScore certification for Indoor Air Quality.

With a 5mm product construction, there is no need for a transition strip when adjacent to carpet, allowing for unique installation opportunities from hard to soft surface.

The ExoGuard+ top coat offers superior performance against scratch, stain and scuff, and it’s unique patterning visual allows it to perform and withstand even the harshest commercial environments. 

For additional information about this collection, check out the product specifications.
Mark Making

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