Create In Place

Inspired by original artwork of watercolor painting and block printing, our design team explored several artistic avenues that resulted in our latest made in the USA LVT collection, Create In Place.  

Create In Place includes three unique visuals connected through color, hand-crafted design, and natural influences. Inspired by artistic exploration, Create In Place explores shape and color in the abstract. Using a variety of artistic techniques like hand-painted watercolor and block printing, the collection is a curated series of textural visuals and an interplay of positive and negative spaces. With the styles connected through color, this LVT collection is designed to use alone or coordinate together through space – to define areas or guide transition and movement.  
ENERGIZE and ITERATE in color 00485
Create In Place Inspiration
The aggregate inspired pattern, Iterate, was created by a hand painted visual of each stone fleck with different brush sizes. The directional linear pattern, Reach, was developed by creating lines with a block and string printing method and turning them in different directions. The small-scale texture, Energize was developed by layering block printed artwork and helps to tie the two other patterns together.  

The styles can be integrated within a space to promote wayfinding, define individual or connected spaces for social distancing or gathering, as well as suggest directionality.  

If you follow along with us @patcraftfloors, you may recall our ask for you to be the designer. Your insights and feedback directly impacted the design of this collection.  The unique colors, patterns, and textures within Create In Place were influenced by your ideas. We gathered your thoughts on our story polls to develop the final designs within this collection.