Deconstructed Form

Deconstructed Form

Inspired to create a visual depiction of form and dimensionality, the design of our latest carpet tile collection, Deconstructed Form, explores textural structure through the use of shape.   

Deconstructed Form demonstrates an evolution of pattern—one that considered scale and contrast to ensure a cohesive design aesthetic. Available in six complimentary carpet tile styles, this collection utilizes multiple constructions to offer unique visuals and includes a range of patterns from large scale to textured to luxe for flexibility in use throughout different environments. Drawn to the concept of creating moments within a space, product designer Amanda Hopkins explored the interplay of shapes with arcs and angles. The patterns incorporate visual influences of now, of yesterday and of the future, and demonstrate the correlation between positive and negative space.  Featuring a color line with eight neutral tones – ranging from charcoal to light beige to a cool “bluetral” and four dusty jewel tones, Deconstructed Form offers a distinctive design to enhance and balance the mood and experience of virtually any space.
Deconstructed Form
Deconstructed Form Detail
Inspired to create a collection that could merge both minimalist and maximalist design, our designer worked through different iterations of patterns, studying bold geometrics and saturated colors to find the right combination of shape and form for this collection.

Colorpoint style, Graphic Slant incorporates slanted angles to create a large-scale design with tip shearing throughout for a luxurious visual, and plush feel. Medium-scale pattern, Structure Slant features similar slanted angles to Graphic Slant and utilizes different but complimentary yarns and construction. Utilizing the same construction as Structure Slant, Texture Slant is a small-scale textural pattern that incorporates slanted elements in an all-over texture and complements the bolder patterns. Colorpoint style, Graphic Arc features large scale rounded arcs with tip shearing to project a luxurious feel. Structure Arc is a medium scaled pattern compared to Graphic Arc that incorporates different, but complimentary yarns and construction. Utilizing the same construction as Structure Slant, Texture Arc is a smaller scale all over rounded texture pattern that looks beautiful alongside Graphic Arc & Structure Arc. 

Designed for flexibility, the creative opportunities with Deconstructed Form are endless. Create a maximalist moment with bold patterns and colors or keep it minimalistic with the more neutral and subdued patterns. Integrate these elements together to create a sense of balance unique to your space.