Gel Print

Soft textures blended with serene tonal colors redefine the biophilic palette with Gel Print. The casted neutrals evoke tranquil vibes for much needed moments of respite. Gentle curves depict an interplay of layered depth, creating texture through positive and negative space. With abstract sweeping patterns that build in intensity for movement in transition, the color drifts. The color fades. Color lingers for calming spaces. 

Inspired by an artistic exploration of monoprint, product designer, Amanda Hopkins, created different methods of gel printing to envision the movement and form of each pattern within our Gel Print collection. Using a gel print plate, brayer and paint, Amanda incorporated various tools to remove paint and press the plate to paper. With no two prints being exactly the same, each one revealed a unique interpretation of texture and depth, highlighting where the paint pulled away and creating a layered effect. Her artwork’s abstract visuals featured gentle curves and sweeping patterns, which Amanda then used to bring Gel Print to life. 
"We reimagined the biophilic palette within this collection casting softer shades of rose, jade and ginger to create a delicate yet dynamic colorway. These colors read as neutral for a modern take on biophilia, enhancing a calming aesthetic."

Amanda Hopkins / Product Designer
Unfold in Ginger + Dusk
The Art of Monoprint
Gel Print is available in five 18” x 36” carpet tile styles in a variety of constructions for flexibility. Impress, inspired by curved designs, creates movement on the floor with rings in the pattern that offer a variety of depth and a breadth of color.  Paint Transfer, developed by pulling up the gel plate with paint and dragging  it, creates an organic, abstract pattern with a ridged look within the design. Monotype, sweeps the paint in a curved motion, creating an elongated pattern with shadows and highlights. Unfold is a colorpoint construction with a similar technique to Monotype, which provides a variation of color and movement. And Composed Layer is an addtional colorpoint style with similar technique to paint transfer, adding a more abstract pattern to our colorpoint product line. The visuals offer a range of color and pattern designed for movement and definition for your space. 

Constructed with EcoSolution Q® nylon and EcoWorx® backing, Gel Print is Cradle to Cradle Certified® Silver. As a carpet tile with EcoWorx® backing, the collection can be recycled at the end of its useful life to then be remade into EcoWorx® flooring through the re[TURN]® Reclamation Program.